January 26, 2009

Paris in the house!!

We had an exciting day today....Paris Hilton was here to debut her new line of crafting kits for teens. Greg decided that he MUST have an autograph to send to Stephanie Howell's husband Jimmy over in Afghanistan.

Now keep in mind that there were about 300 women and a few men that had been standing in line for several hours just to get a glimpse of Paris. To avoid having to wait with the masses standing around waiting for her, Greg decided to scope out the place and figure out where she would be coming in then intercept her before she ever got the the Convention Center floor. So Greg being the sly and talented schmoozer that he is, found a security guard that was willing to talk. I'm sure that they were quite a site....Greg the loyal and adoring fan and Stephen and Amber were the paparazzi. Check out the pics below....

I'm still amazed that they were able to pull it off, but we have the autograph to prove it! Greg walked right up to her and asked her to sign an autograph for a soldier in Afghanistan and she took time to sign. All in all, it was a good day for G-Man! Here's how it went down in real time...

April and Amber also had a brush with fame today. They were out and about and bumped into Vanna White. She was also very nice and happily posed for a picture with our favorite twins!

I tell you girls, it was a full day and I am beat!! We saw a bunch of our Studio Calico friends and took a lot of pictures. My post tomorrow night will be dedicated to showing you everyone that we have met. We will also have pictures of all of the DT members that are here with us.

Thanks ladies and goodnight!


Amy Coose said...

Love all the great pics!!! Can't wait to see more.

Greta said...

Way to go g-man! Too funny. Now, for the truth...is the autograph really for Jimmy? Or is Greg keeping it?

Keep the pictures coming. :)

Angela W said...

So great! Glad Paris took the time to do that! Can't wait to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

hoo hooo!! That is so funny!!!

Gerald Stephanie and Garrett said...

Wow! I think Greg, April, and Stephen could have a future as paparazzi photographers! They even have defined roles to get the shots! Greg, info getter, Stephen and Amber, photographer/videographer! Awesome!

Amy Harle said...

OMG - that is so hot!! Great job Greg - you were fabulous!!!

gladiator007 said...

Awesome! Mission Accomplish!

Caroline said...

looks like fun!!! gooooo g-man! lol

Jennifer said...

Ok, i'm not sure what is more funny - the video of greg getting her autograph or the fact that she has a line of craft supplies. bi-zarre!

Denise said...

This made me giggle. I loe the pre-scoping out of where Paris would go. That is priceless!

melita said...

that is too funny! i am sure that Stephanie (and Jimmy) appreciate all you did to get her autograph!

Anonymous said...

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