January 3, 2009

Round 6...the end of the hunt.

has everyone had fun?

have you all found out some thing about your fellow SC members and the site that you may not have known before??

if yes, then AWESOME!! that was the intent of this week's blogging festivities...but alas, today is the last questionnaire and chance at $5 off at SC. and before i forget...the winner from my last challenge, Day 4 is bluetulip29!!! woohoo!! please email me (you can just click on my screen name over at SC) and we'll get you that coupon code!!

so since a HUGE part of the reason why SC is such a great place to be is our members, i thought i'd feature them today. i mean, let's be honest...have you checked out the MEMBER GALLERY lately?! holy smokes...these ladies are amazing!! to get there, go to the 'Forums' section of the site, and about 1/3 of the way down, you will see images of the latest uploads. you can either click on 'All Layouts' to see them as they come in, OR you can click on 'SC Kit Layouts' to find examples of what everyone did with a specific kit. maybe you haven't dug out your Iconic kit yet and are hoping to see a fun way that somebody used a specific piece of it...once you click on 'SC Kit Layouts', a gallery with each main kit that has been sold will pop up. find the one you're looking for, click on it and WHAM!! inspiration deluxe at your fingertips!

honestly...our members have some mad skills...please take the time to check out their work. and if you haven't uploaded anything yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! we would love to see your take on the products that we all have that month...every single person looks at things differently, and you just never know who you may inspire!!

this last set of questions is to help you get familiar with the gallery...the CENTER STAGE gallery in specific. so i took a gander at the member uploads thus far, the most recent being 'One Thing' by minnick3, and jotted down a few notes. so when you're looking for these answers, REMEMBER...they ONLY pertain to the CENTER STAGE gallery, and ONLY MEMBER layouts. the DT uploads their work there after Reveal Night, but this spotlight is on the members, baby!! so you only need to look through the 1st 5 pages of the Center Stage gallery, ok?

1. How many members used the Crate Paper die-cut 'Charity' circle paper WHOLE??

2. Name 1 layout that has a picture of someone wearing a Santa hat...there are several, but i just need one.

3. Find the layout about a budding ballerina...please tell me the title of the page and the member who posted it.

4. Find any layout that used ONLY the Nadiya stamps for it's title...again, title and name please.

5. There are two 2-page layouts so far...tell me the titles and member names.

i am slightly obsessed with those exclusive SC journaling cards...surprise, surprise right ?! so tell me how many layouts you find that have used them. i just need the number here...it seems that you guys like them as well!!

remember...you only need to check out the Center Stage gallery for these questions...email me your answers and i'll pick a winner tomorrow!!



Jenni said...

oh, this is a fun one!!!! Off to take a gander!

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