January 25, 2009


Wow! The message board (and gallery!!!!) is hopping with fabulous challenges! Thanks to g & waleska, there's been plenty to do while everyone else is CHA'ing! I'm going to link them all here for you...just in case it gets a little hard to search them out before the 28th!

The challenges:
Challenge #1 (g's grey challenge)
Challenge #2 (g's 3 kit challenge)
Challenge #3 (g's lift the person above you challenge)
Challenge #4 (waleska's packaging challenge)

The linking spots:
Grey challenge
Mix it up
Lift the person above you

Ok! I hope that helps you keep it all straight...I know that *I* need all the help I can get most times!

Now...how about a little "the bosses are away so the team will play" upping of the ante? I know that g has talked about prizes that she's going to give with her challenges...but I think we can even help spread the love a little bit. ;) Tell you what... if you complete ALL four challenges PLUS the challenge I'm going to post here tomorrow and email me (JennO) your links by Friday night 1/30/09 at 9pm PST I'll have a little random prize of my own to mail out....