January 27, 2009

CHA - Day #4

Today was a big day, not only was it our last full day at CHA, it was reveal night. We had a full agenda and had to make the most of every hour of the day. We started out at the convention center early this morning. We had another full day of walking around, looking at anything and everything that we might have missed! We also took a few minutes to complete a few make and takes! I actually got April to pause and make one today, this is a major feat since she is usually going 90mph the whole day!

I mentioned on the blog last night that we were planning to go to Red Robin tonight and eat dinner and we had an open invitation to all subscribers and admirers to come and join us. I was so very happy that several of you took us up on the offer! We had about 25 folks total...including the Design Team. Here are a few pictures of our evening!

In this pic you can see April talking with Reyanna (Reyasunshine), Emille, Heidi and our own Emily Pitts. Check out that stack of onion rings there in the center....they were very yummy!

I think that Nik was having trouble making up her mind in this one!

Here is April and Joanna (spagirl).

What group of pictures would be complete without a shot of our Nicoles?

After dinner, we all piled into the parlor (they made fun of me for calling it a parlor) of our hotel room and settled in for reveal. Scarlet and April were working away as we all talked and laughed and tried to get in on the live chat. It was a little frustrating since we had a total of four computers on the same wi-fi connection. It slowed us all down a little, but in the end we made it!!! I hope that you are all as happy about this kit and I am....it is so cool! I can't wait to get back home and tear into it! Here are a few pics of all us counting down to reveal....

Scarlet working dilligently to get everything uploaded and ready to go for reveal.

Kirsty working dilligently to make us all laugh!

Nic, Stephanie and Nik laughing and cutting up while reading the message boards!

April, Kirsty and Scarlet checking out the gallery and message boards after the big reveal!

At the beginning of the week, April gave each member of the DT an assignment. She told them to look at everything and then narrow it down to 3 favorites. Keep checking the blog because each of them will be sharing their favorite items with you over the next couple of weeks. I also joined in this assignment and spent a good portion of the day going back and looking at all of the yummy goodies out there for my post. Like I said, stay tuned because there is much more to come.We have a team outing planned for tomorrow and I'll make sure to post some pictures of our fun for you all on Thursday when we get back home. We'll be traveling tomorrow evening so there won't be a blog post tomorrow night. OK gals, it has been a long week and my brain is rapidly shutting down! It's time to say goodnight and go to bed but before I go, here's a video teaser I'll leave with you. The source of the laughter will follow soon. Nite!


Anna Sigga said...

I just love seeing your CHA pics and you girls (sorry and the men too ;o)sure know how to have good time!

Kimberly said...

What a wonderful time you all are having. Thanks for taking us with you. I am really enjoying the clips and fun!

Lisa said...

Have safe travels back. The weather here in Kentucky is kind of wild right now!

Angela W said...

Great pics and video! I was glad to hear Kirsty's accent! Glad the DT got to meet some of the loyal followers! LOL!

Jenni said...

hahaha----what fun!!!!! Kirsty, your accent is awesome!!!

Jennifer.T said...

LOVED seeing this! so glad you girls had a great time!

Queen of Paper said...

I had the best time with you and the girls.. and boys, on Tuesday night! I laughted so hard and it was a fun treat ;)

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