January 2, 2009

Round 5: Features and About S.C.

I hope everyone has been having fun with the scavenger hunt this week. I know Nicole and I have enjoyed finding all the hints. I've had my son pick the winner for Wednesday's hunt through the D.T. gallery, and that would be


Congratulations to you, we'll be in touch!

The answers were as follows:

1. No red tag: Scarlet
2. Cosmo Cricket little girl: 3--April, Davinie, and Joy
3. Two fingers Cosmo Cricket rub on: 2- April and Emily
4. Hearts: Maggie, Caroline, Emily, Jenn, Joy, Kirsty, Nicole H., Stephanie, and Tina
5. Bicycle stamp: 5--Davinie, Emily, Nicole H., Nicole S., and Tina
6. Lucky and Grow
7. I only found 8, but a few of you found 9 (Joy was sneaky): April, Scarlet, Caroline, Emily, Kelly, Kirsty, Steph, and Tina
8. I only found one, Play Time by Kirsty and Steph, but there were two more I didn't realize: Grow by Steph and Caroline, and Lucky by Tina and April.

And now for today's part of the scavenger hunt:


1. What is the title of the page that has this list on it?
  • neutral + colored cardstock
  • patterned papers from multiple manufacturers
  • at least one alphabet
  • journaling aid(s)
  • variety of embellishments which may include vintage items, stamps, ribbon, chipboard, and more!
2. What's the best email address to use to contact Studio Calico?

3. Where did April and Scarlet meet?

4. What does Scarlet think is Man's Greatest Invention now?

5. How much did April charge for her first entrepreneurial attempts?

6. In what section do you find the transcript for the live chat w/ Claudine Hellmuth that happened on the 13th of December?

7. Who is S.C. partnering with concerning publications?

8. Where do you find an explanation for adding a blinkie to your blog?

9. Name one supply available in the shop that was highlighted in the November Mini Class.

10. Where did April get her idea for a quiet book?

I hope I've made these easy enough for you all, I expect LOTS of emails today and until tomorrow noon EST. Don't forget to log in so you can send me an email through my member profile.

Happy hunting!

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