January 1, 2009

Scavenger Hunt...Day 4

...and Happy New Year!!!!

ok, I received quite a few entries for my hunt on Tuesday...and although several claimed they were stressing about the answers, I really didn't mean to make anyone's eyes cross at the sight of a rub-on, lol. In the end, 8 people got all of the answers correct...so including the bonus question there were a total of 23 entries. Our winner for Day 2 is the lovely KIMBER-LEIGH!!! Hey Kimber-Leigh...please send me a note via SC so I can let the powers that be know you're our winner!!

Curious about the answers? Here you go:

1. The first kit to have an SC exclusive stamp was Sherwood Forest...'Right Here, Right Now'.
2. This is the one that had everyone screaming with frustration, i think. there were a total of 3o rub-ons in the add-ons since SC opened. I'm thinking people overlooked the Scrapworks Vinyl Rubs from the Forget-Me-Not add-on back on April '08, because they look a bit different than your 'traditional' rub-on.
3. 10 12x12 patterned papers in the debut kit. (and some of them are STILL favorites of mine.)
4. 4...did you honestly think I wouldn't mention SOMETHING about paint, lol?
5. Happy Ending Dec. '07

Bonus: ok, clearly I have professed my love for Times Square (Jan. '08) WAY too often, because this one was a snap for everyone, lol. But it has yet to be knocked off my fave kit pedestal.

ok...onto today's search!!


You 'know' all of us...I know that. But do you ever read our answers to those questions on the DT Bio page?? Or take a gander at what we've wrote down about ourselves? If not...here's your chance. Each answer can be found there...so go take a peek.

1. How many of us mentioned that we had a fondness for stickers/stationary/artsy stuff as a child?

2. Name 4 of us that would love a chance to blow some serious cash at Pottery Barn.

3. Who claimed that some form of coffee is a vice/weak spot for them?

4. How many of us would love to be on the Amazing Race?? (this one shocked me, lol!!)

5. Name 2 DT members that love lists.

6. Name one DT member whose family all have the same first and last initials...just for fun, can you name them??

How many of us live on Pacific Coast Time?? (i'm going to get grief for this one, i know...but it really isn't hard, I promise!)

Same rules apply...if you're close, I'll shoot you an email back with which ones are in need of fixing, lol. And as always, if you get the bonus question correct, you get a second entry. Shoot me an email via the SC site and I'll pick a winner tomorrow evening!!

Happy Hunting!!


sylvie said...

Congrats Kimber-Leigh!

OK, I hunted again... just sent in my answers...

Kimber-Leigh said...

so fun! thanks guys...it was a fun hunt! off to send you an email nik!

Sharie said...

This was fun - congratulations to you, Kimber-Leigh!

Denise said...

Congratulations Kimber-Leigh!

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