January 6, 2009

My take on the challenge

I'm not very good with "resolutions".
I tend to never do what I say I will do,
and then I just get down on myself even more.
So I work on me year round, and try not to set myself up for failure,
b/c fail without fail as far as resolutions go. ;)

I looked at this a slightly different way.
I did "predictions" for my daughter Harper,
and I had a BLAST doing them.
Take a look:

My point is, interpret this challenge however you would like.
Just have fun!!



Chris Dodaj said...

Gorgeous layout, Steph!
Love the pps you mixed here, perfection!!

Kristii said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love everything about this!! You have inspired me!! I wish I wasn't on my way to work!! I would rather create!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

what a neat idea for a layout. gorgeous as always, too!

Jenni said...

Love this Stephanie!!! Such a great take on the challenge! Loving that big brown bow too!!!

Larajc said...

super cute layout. Love that you had YOUR OWN take on the challenge!

googler said...

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