June 16, 2009

gallery love

I love this card by Lulu. Little creations like cards are the perfect way to use those few leftover embellishments.

This layout by Scrap Evangel has me reaching for those unused labels I always seem to have leftover.

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't used a quarter of the fabric book project kit. kimmithylaine's peeks to her album are intriguing and have sparked a few ideas for those fabric letters.

Maiina's cluster of embellishments, letters and labels are a great recipe for leftovers.

So hopefully you've been inspired to use some of your extra bits and pieces like I have.

happy scrapping,
:) Tina


Kirsty Wiseman said...

i love this post - i love to see psarse layouts using essential "left overs that can't be thrown"
Im so inspired

Karen said...

Nice choices...i especially love the new york lo!

Joanie said...

Beautiful choices from the gallery!

rmeyfe said...

Love the skyline in the new york layout!!