June 6, 2009

Tussie Mussie - Numero Uno

This Tussie Mussie tutorial is picture heavy, so I've split it into two posts.

In their current form, tussie mussies rose to popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria , from 1837 onwards, at which time the tussie-mussie became a popular fashion accessory . Typically, tussie-mussies include floral symbolism from the language of flowers , and therefore may be used to send a message to the recipient.

(from Wikipedia)

Usually they are made using real flowers, a nosegay is another term for them, but we crafters like to try everything using paper.

There are many different ways of making tussie mussies, but I wanted to give you a little pictorial on how I created mine, as it is difficult to explain.

Step 1.

Trim a 12x12 piece of cardstock in half, diagonally.

Step 2. Lay it out as pictured below, with the point facing away from you.

Step 3. It didn't occur to me until just now, but most of you will do the opposite of what I'm doing right here. I'm a lefty, so I folded from the left side.

You are going to take the bottom left corner and roll it over and up to the top, like this:

You want the bottom to close in tight, and for the top of your paper to meet the top of the triangle in the back of the cone. Once it has done so, adhere.

Step 4.

After you have adhered that side, take the paper on the right side and wrap it around the front of your cone. It should meet up on the back side of the cone in the same way as the front. Adhere it in the back.

You now have the base of your cone. Part 2, embellishing.


Kimberly said...

This is a wonderful project. I am so going to make one.

Ally said...

So, I've never gotten into the paper crafting home decor thing. But YOU just made me want to! I am already imagining making these and giving them to people at work for various occasions. I even think a 4th of July one might be in my future. Totally fun. AND you make it look incredibly EASY!

Gigi said...

SO cool!! thanks for this tutorial!