December 16, 2008

Christmas Rush?

Anyone in the Christmas Rush?

Actually I'm not, can you believe it? This year I gave myself permission not to buy into the hype. For me and my family, Christmas is about the birth of our Savior and friend. Over the years, we decided that we were only giving 3 gifts to each child, just like Jesus got.

And this year, this year I did something crazy. This year I decided to go almost completely hand-made for Christmas. I bought my kids one main present off of Etsy, and then am in the process of embroidering them thrifted pillow cases. We'll buy them a toy each, but I've realized, hand made is possible with a little forethought.

I'm all about recycled handmade too!! Here are some recycled etsy finds that I found this week!!

Click the photo to get to etsy, and click around these shops for other great pieces.

skateboard necklace

This was the dopest thing I saw out there. Recycled SKATEBOARD jewelry. 100% post consumer skateboards that she makes into jewelry. Most pieces are reversible, one side has the skateboard part, the other side has the inside skateboard plywood showing. She shapes and sands everything, and then seals it with gloss sealer. SO rad. Click around she shop, there's a lot of cool stuff.


Love this, made from recycled tin pieces


There are tons of ties out there at Goodwill, and other vintage shops. What a great idea for reusing them!!

sail bag

These bags, and pillows are made from used sails...very nautical very rad!

science envies

I love these envelopes made from old science books! They also have ones made from maps, ooh la la!!

record bracelet

I adore this cuff made from an old record. So cute!!

felt scarf

Recycling felted sweaters is SO the bomb. I love this scarf made from circles of felted sweaters.

licence plate

Licence plates are always fun when recycled into photo albums like this!


These earrings are literally made out of trash.

felt flower

Here is another recycled sweater idea. This lady makes bigger felt projects, and when she's done, she uses even the scraps to make something pretty, like this pin.


april said...

Joy, I love these finds, but you're not helping out my shopping addiction :) Actually, I think it's great that you don't "over-give" because you're also teaching your kids gratitude for what they do get

Joy Madison said...

at least its eco friendly giving:)

Sarah said...

Love the post! This year, as I am on Mat leave and our income is greatly reduced, we decided to do homemade as well. We bought new t-shirts for everyone (12 for an average of $8 ea) and my kids customized the front of each t-shirt (with a little direction and containment with painter's tape) using Scribbles fabric paint. The results are fab and everyone can always use an extra t-shirt. We started in October and did one shirt a week. We hate the commercialization of Christmas! Our kids are only receiving 3 things each as well: an outfit, a toy/game and a book. What happened to the joy of family and friends? Thanks again for the great post!

paloma1815 said...

So fun Joy!!!! very, very friendly. paloma1815

gladiator007 said...

Awesome selections! I love Etsy too!

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, wow! You found some GREAT stuff! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. :)

We feel the same way about Christmas. Actually, we don't even exchange gifts on Christmas Day anymore. We do stockings on St. Nicholas' Day (December 6th... as that's where the tradition of giving gifts came from...), and then we randomly choose a few other days in December to give gifts.

That way, we're anticipating "giving" and not getting. So I just wake up one morning and say, "Honey, I have a gift for you!" And he chooses another day for me... totally unexpected. It's more in the spirit of giving when you don't expect to receive, and we love it! :)

Emily Pitts said...

i love this post, lots of cool things to drool over.

Stay funny said...

Great finds!
Thanks for the links and pics... I just purchased one of the pink flowers in felt love it!