December 23, 2008

Our first participants!

First and foremost, I want to say Thank You sooo much to the SC members we asked for help.
The reason we chose you girls is because you are active contributors to the Studio Calico community,
and when we asked for help, you didn't let us down..your talent amazes us!

First, there is the wonderful Kimber-Leigh.
Here is her layout, "Remember This Moment".

How beautiful is her family?
Here is what Kimber-Leigh had to say about the layout.

I used (mostly) my Looking Glass kit:

four products:
Sassafrass Lass "Say Timber" patterned paper
Studio Calico "Remember This Moment" stamp
American Crafts ribbon
vintage white buttons from "Classified" add-on

(Brown and a scrap of red cardstock)

I used both sides of the patterned paper, adding a scalloped border to one side of the background and cutting out part of the reverse side as a journaling block. (I used a pen to tint the numbers and gridlines a bit more red than orange to work better with my photo.) Ribbon and buttons frame the stamped title.

Journaling reads: My firstborn and my baby. Oldest and youngest. Sweet sisters. My girls. I'm thankful for this moment frozen in time...Madeleine who is wondefully chubby at 9 mos. and Hadleigh with a final glimpse of her "baby girl" cheeks...a few months shy of "all grown up" at age 5. And me...holding my girls...holding onto this moment that is already gone.

Thank you so much, Kimber-Leigh. I've missed seeing your pages, and I'm so glad we challenged you so that I could see one!

Next is a layout by the fantastic Chris Dodaj.
Here is "Merry Everything".

How cute is that Brenna? This is the Dodaj family Christmas card photo!
Here is what Chris had to say about her layout:

Hey Girlies!

Thanks for asking me to do this, it's just what I needed to get myself inspired again!

I used a piece of Sasafrass Lass holiday themed pp, 3 vintage swirl buttons, the SC "Merry Everything" stamp and a piece of ribbon.
I used the MM Slice for the snowflakes.

Hope you like this and I hope you keep me in mind for more challenges, I really enjoyed this!!

Happy Holidays,

Chris and Kimber-Leigh, Nicole and I want to thank you not only for the beautifully creative layouts you contributed,
but also for being such a loving part of the SC community.

Nicole will be back with more layouts tomorrow!


Emily Pitts said...

oh these rock! great job kimber-leigh and chris!

Erica said...

Great layouts! I love the Sass on Mrs. Dodaj's layout! I've been hoarding those strips not sure what to do with them. Now I know!

emily minton said...

Lovely work! Love your journaling Kimber-Leigh. And great photos, both of them!

april said...

oh, these are really good. Only using 4 products is really hard, and I think these turned out beautifully! I love how both of you used stamps as your title

Amy Coose said...

Amazing, gals! Thanks so much for the inspiration!