December 31, 2008

Round 3: DT gallery

I got 22 entries in Monday's scavenger hunt through the member profiles, the hardest answer was definitely #6, but 20 out the 22 did get it. Here are the answers:

1. alissa palm
2. amyrjoy
3. erin B
4 and 5. There were numerous answers including {2H Designs, rachelmai, tiffharper143, snowbirds, helbells, Laura Fiore, allieH, hannal, lingannon, 3girlsmomma, cwl2283, and I'm sure there's many more, but those are the answers I got.
6. alysin
7. ahardy
8. amyjk

And the winner was: amy christine--congratulations and you will be contacted! :)

Thanks so much to everyone who played along. I know I had fun putting the questions together, and I'm pretty sure you all had fun playing along. Now on to the next challenge...

Part 3 of our scavenger hunt: the DT gallery. This hunt will take you through January's Bibliography gallery. Every DT member and the guest are subject to scrutiny. Remember to sign in and send me an email when you have all the answers. Good luck!

1. Who did NOT use the Creative Cafe red tag?

2. How many people used the Cosmo Cricket little girl? I need names :)

3. Who were the two people that used the Cosmo Cricket two fingers rubon?

4. There were nine ladies who used hearts on their layouts. Who were they?

5. How many gals used the bicycle stamp?

6. Which two Jenni Bowlin word bingo cards were used the most? HINT: They each appear 3 times.

7. The library card stamp got used by how many different DT members?

8. There were two layouts with the same title, what was the title and who were the creators?


Karen said...

off to start the hunt.....

Scarlet said...

Now this one seems a bit more manageable! I hope you get lots of entries today :)

Denise said...

Congratulations Amy!

sylvie said...

Congrats Amy!
OK, I hunted again for the 3rd time... this is getting fun.

Christina said...

Congrats Amy!!!

jacker said...

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