December 20, 2008

one more last minute gift idea + some fun blog links

my friend linda and i have been into making these french memory boards. we started off making one for her room, and we have now branched out into crafting them for birthday gifts and such. she's planning to give them out for christmas!

they're really easy to make. all you need are a cork bulletin board (we've been finding cheap ones at target for about $6), 1.5 yard (this depends on the side of your board, however) of fabric (we used a suede-type fabric on this particular board, but i would STRONGLY recommend you use a thinner fabric. you could even use wrapping paper), pillow stuffing, a stapler, ribbon, and some pins/brads. they are simple to make: spread the stuffing over the cork side of the board, then cover the entire board with fabric, staple on back, and cut off excess. Lay out the ribbon in a diagonal, criss-cross fashion, and pin down the intersections with a pin or even brads. easy peasy!

anyways. i have been scouring some blogs for some crafty holiday projects, and have come across a few of them to share with you:
* elise has a handmade holiday thing going on with lots of handmade gift/decor ideas. she has inspired me to knit some scarves as gifts, and today i baked her peppermint cookies! i also absolutely LOVE her ribbon wreaths.

* celeste has compiled a TON (and i mean a ton!) of fun links to various sites with ideas for possible gifts and projects. i love the free printable calendars she found - i'm definitely going to print some of those! she also has links to handmade wreaths and ornaments.

* this next link was included on joy's list yesterday, but i just have to repost it in case you missed it. i am absolutely in LOVE with these trees by danielle thompson! they are so fun and cute and festive looking!

* i love the gorgeous ornaments on the pink paislee blog! some of them are by our own talented SC girls!

* i love what jen pebbles did with her sheer delights to create packaging for her wine bottle on the KI blog!! it's so clever and brilliant!

* last but not least - check out this fabulous wreath on mandi's blog!

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