December 30, 2008

Scavenger Hunt...Day 2

Hi everyone...Nicole H. here! I am having a blast with this scavenger hunt...hopefully everyone else is as well! So as Emily explained yesterday, I am posting a few questions today. Your job is to find/figure out the answers and then email them to me...just make sure you're logged into Studio Calico, find my profile and then shoot me a note! Everyone who has all 5 correct answers will be entered into the $5 SC Gift Certificate/coupon for the day...easy peasy!!

Round 2: Kit Contents

1. What was the first kit to have an exclusive Studio Calico stamp included?

2. How many add-on kits (including the ones that debuted Saturday night for January 2009) have included rub-ons?

3. How many 12x12 patterned papers did the first SC kit have?

4. How many kits (main or add-on) have contained paint?

5. Which main kit was the first to include die-cut patterned paper?

BONUS: if you get this one right, you'll get your name added a second time for the drawing!!

Which is my favorite Main kit?

I will close the entries tomorrow at noon EST, and post a winner tomorrow evening. Have fun and happy hunting!!


Karen said...

Off to start hunting.....

Scarlet said...

Wow! You guys sure aren't making this easy, are you? I'm not even sure if I could get all the answers correct ;)

moonlightgrrl said...

I swear, this one is BRUTAL (I'm starting to sound like a broken record).

Nik, I do believe, is a SADIST!

lisa dickinson said...

holy moly - this is hard! I do know one answer - off to find the others!

sylvie said...

Easy peasy eh? Well, I spent 2 hours hunting for the answers.... I guess I'm getting old...or crazy!!! lol

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