April 24, 2010

I LOVE bags

Hello everyone!

I'm a girl.And I LOVE bags. I mean, I'm addicted to them. I must have about 40 different bags at home. Everywhere I go on vacation, I NEED to come back home with a new bag, which drives my man crazy! :D

Today, I wanted to show you some favorite from 3 of my favorite companies (bags and other cute stuff).


yeah that is a hot air balloon BAG! :)
I've got this bag that I use as a camera bag :)


Aren't you inspired by the designs? the patterns? the fabrics?


I've got this bag too :)

Now, don't tell your husband I showed you this, ok? :)



Anonymous said...

Definitely won't! I love bags. And shoes. He know. He doesn't need to know I've found more that I want.

{VICKI} said...

I'm a bag lady too---I have so many I don't even want to try and count them.

judyc said...

Love the bags you posted. (I'm a bag lady too, but mine are not fun like these.)

Lorna May said...

I was actually saying this out loud as checking the bags out. LOL
I LOOVVEEE the bags my fav is the hot air balloon one by far!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of those are really cute! I've never cared for bags, personally. Whatever I need fits in my pockets.

Jules the Bling Princess said...

These bags are so gorgeous and now I want some. Damn! More receipts to hide from my hubby. (-:

Because I Can! said...

I LOVE BAGS TOOOOO, specificly Vera Bradley! but these are awesome inspiration too! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!