April 21, 2010


The gallery that is.
Here are a some of my most recent favs.

funkyfairy: the paint, the mist, the layers. oh my.
milkcan:I'm a big milkcan fan. love how she worked the Anthology line.
magnard: ever see a layout that knocks you back and makes you think dannnnggg....that's a cool layout. this was it for me. The home paper is my favorite out of the Home Front line. She used it beautifully.
amy coose:
this layout is just visually pleasing. I love a layout that makes me look at everything.

: I think this is just cute and simple but packs a punch with the big lettering for the title.

divineyuko: this immediately put a big smile on my face. love how she created her own banner.

Keep up your wonderful creations ladies and gents!
Inspiration a day keeps the blues away. :)


Unknown said...

I am so grateful to be featured on here along with so many wonderful artists! Thank you so much!

sylv said...

Those are FAB-U-LOUS layouts!!

Unknown said...

Tina, thank you so much for mentioning me, you made my NIGHT!

divineyuko said...

Hi Tina!
You made my DAY:)! Gotta make more pages yay!

lisa said...

Thank you so much for the mention.
Really loving my first kit : )

Allison said...

I am just now seeing this, but it made me sooo happy! Thanks, Tina!