April 20, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration : Heather Bailey

Hello everyone!
Lately I've been so much inspired by Heather Bailey, her fabric and her photography. It makes me wanna dig into my most colorful papers, fabric and embellishments and scrap!
Heather Bailey has been a very talented designer for years and has a very active blog where you can admire her latest creations fabric related and her amazing photographs.

1. Pop!, 2. Pop Garden & Bijoux!, 3. Pop Garden!, 4. One more month to go..., 5. Another Pear, 6. Marlo Bloom Handbag, 7. Three Pears, 8. Emergency Velvet, 9. Charlotte's Room, 10. Green Apple Pincushion, 11. Skirty 1 Detail, 12. Big Sister Skirty, 13. Shirty 1, 14. Little Sister, 15. Shirty 2, 16. Skirty 2 Detail

I just want to add more fabric to my scrapbooks now, use more flowers, paint my backgrounds in yellow and green, and that reminds me that Spring is finally here!

Feel free to visit Heather Bailey blog for inspiration : you won't be disappointed!


1 comment:

Scrapamum said...

I too love Heathers blog! Fabulous colors!!!!