April 1, 2010

Some Joyland Gallery favorites....

One of my favorite things about reveal night is going through the Designer gallery. I never know what the other girls do with their kit until the gallery goes live, so it's always fun to dig through and see what they've done with the different products.

For my post today, (Davinie here), I thought I'd post my gallery favorites from each of the designers here.

I'll start with Cindy, our Guest this month.

First let me say, it was wonderful having her as our guest this month. Not only has she always been a very nice person, she's also got mad skillz and she took the time to share them with us. I love see a full gallery from our Guest.

Here we go:

I chose the first one out of the gate for a few reasons. First, I love the graphic design. I adore how she used the newsprint (I didn't use this print but now wish I had). I like how she carried the gray tone to the right of the layout with the exclusive rubon to the kit this month. And I really like that row of houses at the top, stamped in different colors. Seriously. They are so cute!

Next up is April:

If I had this photo, I would have blown it up this big and used it too. Such great exposure here. I also love the color blocking, and that she sewed those to the photo, and journaled a bit on it too. I love all the texture in this layout. I'm a texture girl.


The negative from the Cosmo chipboard alphas mixed with the polka dot paper and the MME die cut seriously has me swooning. Mix in photos with a baby in it, and my ovaries start aching. heeeee.

From Emily:

I look at this layout and wish I was better at stamping. The houses are so adorable. The little hearts inside are the perfect touch. I'm also a huge fan of the title treatment with that floral O with the layering and stitchery below. That's my kind of title. Top it off with her quirky handwriting and this is definitely my favorite from Emily's gallery this month.

My favorite from O. Jenn O.

It's always hard for me to pick a favorite from Jenn's gallery. She handles the mist and the texture like nobody's business. I chose this one because I *just* looked at my own butterfly mask the other day, and I would never have thought to do this beautiful page treatment, so I bow down to Jenn.

I love how she journaled on the turquoise and carried that color to the left with her title and paper strips. I also love that she misted one more butterfly on the left behind the photo. She's a genius I tell you! Did you know she practically crafted in her driveway this month? A lack of table space is what you get when you redo the flooring in your home. Jenn was doing that, and still managed to create things like this. wow.


The general theme of carnival came up as an idea for the name of this kit, and Joy immediately jumped in with Joyland, an amusement park she visited when she was young.

How appropriate! And our Joy, and her Joyland kit, made her best gallery to date, in my opinion. And then she went on to have a baby girl on Monday. Jovi Moriah.

I LOVE the angle on this photo and what it brought to the layout. I love all the movement and the incorporation and placement of that flower is genius! Loved it all.


Kelly's gallery is jam packed this month! I think I counted 7 layouts! I chose this one because the blue in the photos drew me in. I love the photo she chose to enlarge. I also adore the paper strips around the edges. This one has a lot to look at.


I'm really digging Kimmi's general graphic design to her work, but how she fills it in with tons of interest and texture. I love the circles with the zig zags, and how she layered the embellishments with the title and journaling. Her gallery is always fun to study. She's a great addition to the team!

From Laura:

Laura's style kills me! She uses a teeny tiny little detail, and TA DA, the layout is perfection!

I loved this one because I loved the use of the photo strips mixed with photos and bits of patterned paper. I also like that stamped button and how she still pierced the holes and tied it with string, even though it was stamped directly to the background and not something you'd need to adhere.


I am always telling Lisa I'm ready to move to Omaha so I can live in her neighborhood. She lives in one of those "only on TV" neighborhoods where they have block parties and all the kids hang out together. So when I saw this layout, it was an easy choice. I'm so glad she documented that. Her little neighborhood is adorable, and that Fat Albert title kills me. PERFECT. And of course, she is the queen of mist.

My choice from Maggie:

I try not to let the quality of photos impact my favorites in the gallery or in a magazine, because often, the story you are trying to tell or the moment you just happened to capture isn't always done with a perfect photo.

That said, this photo grabbed a hold of me and I couldn't look past it. LOVE it so much. Love it in contrast to the mist and the gray embellies. Love the banner too. It's all very very fun.

Miss Nik:

We first saw the kit contents and Miss Nicole declared it to be her favorite kit to date. I can see her love in the kit. It was hard to choose a favorite. I ended up with this one because I like her use of both types of frames and her little banners are delicious. I love that she framed that gray rubon too. And the yellow pops in just the right places.

(P.S. She declared it her favorite kit to date, and then she saw the contents to the May kit, and backtracked, calling Joyland her 2nd favorite. just you wait!)

My Nic favorite is:

Nic's gallery is another I could spend a lot of time pouring through. I love her clean lines and attention to detail. I had a hard time with her gallery as well, but ended up choosing this one. i LOVE how she popped the frames and layered the Crate paper chipboard pieces from Tilt-A-Whirl inside. LOVE. (Tilt - a - whirl is the only add-on still available, by the way). The Apron lace punch on the pink paper and the way it frames the photo as a bit of a die cut is pretty cool too.


I love the mix of embellies along the middle here, and how Steph flipped the lace paper over to use the white side. White was perfect her layout. I love the muted color palette with those super cute black and white photos too.

Stephanie W.

I love Steph's use of mist in the design on this layout along with the gray rubons. I also like how the flag banner works with the theme of the layout, and how the journaling strips are layered along the left.


This layout couldn't be sweeter! I adore the circle punches with the butterflies, and the ultrasound photos mixed in. So sososos sweet. Both of my girls were surprises which made their birth days all the more precious. This brings back great memories. I think it's very gender neutral (but I just have this feeling it's a girl).

My favorite from Tina:

I first chose this one because I'd never be as brave as Tina in the stamping of the title. It looks absolutely perfect on this layout. I also love how subtley perfect her details are. I'm always inspired by her ability to do more, with less.

Last but not least is sweet Waleska:

I love how this layout flows through a day in her house. I love the different elements combined monochromatically. The little houses slay me (you did know they fit perfectly inside the houses on the B side of the Fuse paper in the Homefront Collection, didn't you?)

And that's it! My long, in depth analysis of a mighty delicious gallery, if I do say so myself.

Sasha is still waiting for her kit to float across the big pond but I hope she gets it soon! I can't wait to see what she does!

Have a great day! Davinie


petunia670 said...

Holy Mackerel! What awesome work and I'm sure you had hard time just picking one layout from each designer. LOVE 'em!

lindam said...

Those were some of my favs too!

Theresa said...

wow.. these are fabulous layouts. thanks for the inspiration.