April 23, 2010

Member Spotlight: DIVINEYUKO

This week's member spotlight is a fresh face at Studio Calico.
Her layouts always capture my attention with bold detail and fun photos of her cute children. I also love her asain journaling. :)
I asked Yuko a few questions. Here's what she had to say.....
1. What 3 items can you not live without?
*Photograph that stimulate my creative energy
*Papers that activate my brain system
*KOKUYO Dot Liner : My favorite adhesive

2. What's inspiring you right now?
*Beautiful Figure skater: Johnny Weir!

3. What's your favorite Studio Calico kit?
*I just began subscribing in Feb and it was a blastto have everything I needed in a pack! which was"Baker's Dozen"

4. What are you listening to right now?
*Loving The Weepies, Lisa Hannigan and Aqualung. (Ido listen to GAGA too;)!)

5. Any guilty pleasures?
*Right now I am correcting and tasting every kinds ofJapanese Sake based Apricot Liquor that areavailable. They are so... addictive!

6. Choose a layout that best represents you as a scrapbooker.
This photo is my all-time favorite and with love ofthe Basic Grey's signature vintage taste paper as abase I added little details such as little swirlstamp, metal book holder, little flowers, tiny tagand so on. I cherish my memory and the story behind the photomore lively with these little details. This is why Ilove Scrapbooking;)!

Thanks Yuko!
Happy Friday Everyone!


Samantha said...

I think her lay outs are wonderful, and her photos are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Adorable layouts! the skiing one is just too cute :) Great to hear alittle about you!

Unknown said...

I love her designs!! So inspiring and the kids are absolutely adorable (: Not a dull moment at home I'm sure (: