July 29, 2010

CHA Booth Tour

April here, just popping in while propping my (swollen) feet up to show you what we've been busy with all week. The summer show in Chicago marked our 2nd trade show, and it's been a success in every way. We've gotten the chance to see friends we've made at previous shows, meet new store owners, play with new product and work our hardest to make sure Studio Calico makes it way to a store near you.

So, here's a little walk-through of our booth.

See the little card and mini album on the table. Tina made the mini and yesterday afternoon, it disappeared from the booth. I was in a-g-o-n-y wondering how to break the news to her, but luckily I didn't have to because the person who took it was kind and brave enough to bring it back today. She had accidentally walked off with it and found it when reorganizing her take-home bag. Aren't scrapbookers the best people?

Nicole Harper's layout got a lot of attention at the show. I think it was because of that adorable photo of Allie, but also because Nicole rocked the Window Seat paper. She loves the B side and uses it every chance she can get, so combining it with the Elementary line was a no-brainer.

The layout by Laura in the middle of this panel is spectacular. Several times we were asked where the patterned paper was that her layout was mounted on. But, it wasn't a patterned paper, she had used the new Natalee Stamp Set to stamp a quote across the entire background. It was GORGEOUS.

The tweets and stars were all the rage on this panel. We also included a make-n-take where store owners got to try out the rub-ons. Nothing but positive reviews for how smooth they went on and how great the adhesive is on them.

Side note: who is the pregnant lady that can't get a straight photo?

My favorite display of the show....Mister Huey has lots of gal pals now, just let me warn you now. He's a ladies' man for sure. Underneath each bottle of the mist, we displayed the sprayed colors so customers could see how well they matched the labels and the product line. That was Nicole's idea. They don't call her "brains" for nothing.

Oh and the white mist....super popular!

Watch out for the wood veneer and notions as well because they're going to be featured lots of places.

One last photo, just to show you the star that was misted with Applejack. So cool!


Ursula said...

Need, I need all of it. Especially the mists, and the stamps and the veneer. Swooning!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

OMG! It all looks amazing :) I cannot wait to order everything. (Boy, I am in BIG trouble!) Teeheee!

Gracie said...

The booth looked so wonderful!!! So wish I could go to a CHA someday!

Serendipity (Christine) said...

I kept hearing all about 'Studio Calico' so I found your blog and website and wow lovely stuff - be in touch from the UK soon... :-)

Kelly said...

Everything looks amazing - I can't wait to get my hands on everything!!
Glad you had a successful show xxx

Geralyn said...

I love the walk-through! So excited to get the new SC products in my hands :)

Heather said...

Thanks for the looksie!! Just georgeous!!

kathleen said...

Bravo, SC!!!!!! Everything looks amazing!

Barb said...

Congratulations April, Greg, Lorie, Stephen (?), the whole SC crew.

The booth was fabulous.

The make-and-takes were fabulous.

You are fabulous.

Penny B. said...

Wish I was there in person...everything looks incredible!

rkokes said...

so drooling over the new stuff! would love to have the mists and rubons!!

Shirley said...


Lexi said...

Great to get to chat with you April and admire all the new SC products! You are too cute :)
Tell Greg I vote....CLAIRE!!!

Theresa said...

oooh. I just love all the new product.. my LSS will be carrying the Elementary line and I believe some of Documentary. I can't wait. they even ordered some of the cute bird rubons. =) I brag about how awesome the kits are all the time.. you guys rock. thanks.