July 20, 2010

maps & globes : outside inspiration

Hi everyone! I'm continuing with our travel theme today, and in honor of my very most favorite Documentary pattern, Jet Set, I'm bringing you some map and globe themed inspiration. Vintage maps and globes are a hot item lately - they are popping up on home decor and craft websites right and left. Here's a few of my favorites from around the internet.

I would LOVE a vintage school map for one of my boys' rooms. They are a great timeless piece, and I love the soft colors. This one is in a workroom - it definitely steals the show as a decor piece.

(vintage map)

This would make a cute framed project - and instead of doing a TTV photo of a map or globe, you could grab some patterned paper or a vintage map and use Studio Calico's TTV rubon set. This would make a fun gift - just find a map of a significant place in a person's life to personalize it.

(map ttv)

LOVE. I might like this wall even more than the vintage school map idea... just buying a bunch of maps and using wallpaper paste to attach them to the wall. Layered bits of vintage maps would make a fun background for a travel themed scrapbook page.

(map wall)

Vintage globes, all in a row. I picked up one vintage globe at a flea market last year - it's on Alex's bookshelf. I'd love to get more!

(globes in a row)

This is on my "gotta try it" list - I'm planning to do stars, though. Perfect for Alex and Ben's room.

(map hearts)

And finally - a butterfly punch meets vintage maps. That's a happy combo, isn't it? It would be fun to do these in a mix of sizes as a page accent.

(map butterflies)

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas - I'd love to see where this inspiration takes you!


Debbie said...

love the maps theme as well. old ones are hard to come by at a reasonable price. =)

Dawn said...

That heart map is amazing!! Who woulda guessed? I like the idea of doing two larger butterfly shapes of pieces of a map showing where my husband & I were born in one frame. I'm much more a butterfly girl than a heart girl. =D

Kelly Massman said...

I just love everything you've shared here today! What fun!

maryboys said...

what a wonderful post...thank you for the inspiration:) i've been buying old globes for a year or two and need to decide what to do with them. this helps!


Gracie said...

Thanks for the inspiration Lisa!

Lexi said...

I'm loving the whole map/globe vibe lately, and having 2 boys myself it fits in perfectly. I was at a garage sale last year and found a bunch of school maps rolled in their contraption that attaches to the wall.
SO regret that one--It's what I want to put on the playroom wall
boo ;(

@JoyceCasaldi said...

Very cool ideas! Love the hearts and the butterflies.

cat123 said...

wonderful ideas !! love the butterflies !!!

Traveling Mama said...

This is all so great! I have seen more vintage globes since we arrived in Denmark that I have seen in my whole life! Perhaps it is time for this Traveling Mama to start a new collection? :-) Love the paper too. It is just too perfect for those of us bitten with the traveling bug!

Astrid said...

Great post. I love globes and maps. I got totally inspired with new idea now, thanks!:)

Crystal Cattle said...

Thanks so much for the idea. I am going to do it for the youth I lead on the National Junior Angus Board of Directors. I am going to make theirs in the shape of cows I thinK!