July 13, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration : we LOVE collage artists

Mixed Media and Collage artists have always been a passion of mine : I've been doing Mixed Media since I was 17 and I've been lucky enough to take classes with some of the most talented artists like Karen Michel, Lynne Perrella, Nina Bagley, Michael De Meng, and more...

This week, I wanted to show you and bring you some inspiration from FOUR artists that I truely LOVE : Lynne Perrella (my Mixed Media mentor), Claudine Hellmuth, Teesha Moore and Karen Michel.

Be inspired!

Art by Lynne Perrella

Art by Teesha Moore

Art by Claudine Hellmuth

Art by Karen Michel

What about you? Who are your favorite Mixed Media artists?

Enjoy! And don't hesitate to visit these artists' amazing websites for more inspiration!


ale said...

hi, céline! thank you for this great post.
i love mixed media art too, and the only artist that you mentioned that i'm familiar with is claudine hellmuth - i'm her student at big bicture scrapbooking (at her online workshop called @ home with claudine).
there's another mixed media artist that i love: kelly rae roberts. her book is amazing!

rhonda nickol said...

Tim Holtz for sure is my favorite mixed media artist!

Erica T. in Ohio said...

I can't say that I have a favorite, but I do admire the passion and creativity of mixed media artists. The excitement just bursts forth from their work. Thank you for posting this!