September 6, 2009

Back to School Etsy Inspiration

Every kid that goes back to school needs school supplies, here are some school supplies etsy style. Be inspired!

Looking for a dope lunch box? Who needs a Ben 10 or Hannah Montana lunch box when you can get this reusable oil cloth bag with room for all your lunch essentials.

I love this take on the traditional crayon. Its easy for little kids to grasp, and who doesn't want to draw with tiny kitty cat crayons :)

I also love this idea for transporting crayons, to school, on an airplane, in the car, to church. This crayon roll is a fashionable way to transport crayons anywhere.

Every student needs a composition book too. I love the way you can hide the not so lovely composition book covers, and carry pencils with you with this supah cool composition book cover.

I'm totally in love with this mixed paper notebook made out of vintage flash cards....oh the inspiration this gives!

Speaking of paper, I love this little pouch, (think lunch money, lip gloss, change, really anything) made from notebook paper fabric!

This is what started this whole quest, actually not these cards exactly, but there was an embroidered note I saw on etsy a couple of weeks ago. I searched and searched and searched for at least an hour this morning, searching for the embroidered notes (on embroidered notebook paper) alas, this was as close as I came. I do think these "write your own greeting" notepaper cards are charming!

Speaking of charming. I'm all about this adorable 3 1/4" disk turned pencil holder. Recycled AND useful! (Check out the rest of this store for other "geek" inspired recycled goodies!)

Another must for school is a notebook. I love these super lovely oilcloth notebooks. Oilcloth is as easy to keep clean as plastic.

Last but not least, school kids need a ruler, right? But, Mom might need one of these vintage ruler hat racks!

Hope you enjoyed this school inspired etsy jaunt!!!


Andrea said...

Those are all great finds. Love the clever use of the computer disks! I have to say I learned about keeping crayons in the car the hard way... we live in TX but I grew up in AK... it just didn't cross my mind that they would melt in the car down here!

rmeyfe said...

So cute!! I love school supplies and it is neat to see them in some adult uses!!

Kimberly said...

Super! I so love that RULER RACK!

{VICKI} said...

What great ideas---love the coat rack

nichole said...

so many cute finds... if you like the stitching notes. check these out...


can't wait to try my hand at these fun creations! thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I know the note you were looking for! It also made the front page of Etsy! Her name is Katie and her store is a Dash of Magic, currently all her custom embroidered notes are sold out thats why you couldnt find them. Here's a link to try: