September 19, 2009

Member Spotlight - Cotillion Kit

I am loving all of the layouts that are being added to the Cotillion gallery. This kit has to be one of my all time favorites so far. I just can't get enough of those butterflies in the exclusive SC paper and the Basic Grey Paper with the flowers from the Foxtrot add on kit makes me so happy!! I am still cutting bits and strips here and there from that piece... I know I will use every last snippet of that one!

Usually I put the remaining products away into my normal stash after I do my layouts for the gallery but I am still keeping this one out because I just love this kit and can't bring myself to break it all up and put everything away. I definitely want to do some more creating with this one.

Here are a few layouts from our amazing members that I wanted to spotlight this week... hopefully they will inspire you as much as they do me so we can get some more pages done with this amazing kit!

Lots to be inspired by on this page by reeni... the mist, the effective use of white space, the layering, the way it looks clean and simple but is really very detailed and intricate when you take a closer look. I also love the stitching, the torn edges and I love the way she documented her daughter's handwriting... something I need to remember to do more often.

I love all of the little squares on this layout by Courtney. I think it is a great way to use all of the fun patterned papers in this kit (or any kit). What I like the best about it is that you get a fair amount of each of the cute patterns but in a way that doesn't overpower the page or the photo.

I love how DeniseN cut out the flowers from the basic grey paper for her layout. All of the flowers on that paper are so cute! Like I said.... I love this paper!! And what is better than the sweet and simple, yet profound message of telling those we care about that we love them. Sometimes that is all you need to say!

Well, I could keep going on all night like this... so many amazing layouts to choose from and so much inspiration to share with you.... but I do have other things to do.... like sleep! ;) haha! Just make sure you check out the whole gallery here... I think you will find oodles more reasons to love this kit and some pretty amazing things you can do with it!! Thanks for the inspiration ladies! Keep it coming!

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