September 30, 2009

May Flaum Signed My Yearbook! (and an oops)

One of the things I love about Reveal Night is seeing what the DT came up with using the same exact things. I'm always floored at how the exact same kit produce so many different layouts! Well according to the extremely talented May Flaum, it's all about your individual style and how you decide to use the products provided you. I know that the kit club concept has stepped up my own personal scrapbooking abilities, having to use certain products makes me look for different ways to put them together. May has taken kits from a number of kit clubs out there right now and designed a class that helps you maximize your own style using your kits. The class is called Adventures in Scrapbooking: Using Kits, and you can read the exact description of her class here at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Here's what May had to say about working with her Studio Calico kit:

What can I say about Studio Calico kits? I am never sure what I will get, but I know that it’ll be fun, fresh, include stuff I’ve never seen before, and be loads of fun. As a crafter who lives and bleeds in kraft, I’m clearly attracted to the kindred spirits at S.C. I love working with neutral cardstocks like cream & kraft and then pumping up the color and funk with papers and embellishments. This October kit has been so great to work with, and I can’t wait to be able to share my layouts with my Big Picture Students.

The YEARBOOK kit is featured in the final week of class, and I can’t think of a better way to close out class than with this super fab October kit. I’m having so much fun with it – I can’t stop creating! It’s been a pleasure putting this all together and I can’t wait to get started with all the kit loving students who will join me.

Class starts November 5

For sneaks and updates, be sure to visit May's blog:

And totally changing gears…do you ever make mistakes on layouts? What do you do? Throw a kicking and screaming fit? Toss it and start over? What if it's the last thing you had to do to finish your layout?

I just wanted to share what I did on my Pencil Proliferation page. I make mistakes all the time, but they usually force me to come up with creative solutions for hiding them :) That's what happened with this page. I left the journaling until the end, a big no-no in my book, but I'd added so many things that I was flat out of room for telling the story. See where the scroll is?

See how the scroll covers up some words? :) I had enough space for two lines of text and I totally totally totally messed up the wording. I used the word "far" two times within in five words of each other. It's a silly thing, but it would have bugged me every time I read it. I usually prewrite my journaling, and I had for this page, but I decided to go all renegade and change it up AS I was writing it in with my pen. I got to the end of the line and realized I hated what I'd done! But I had no intentions of redoing the whole page. I thought about moving the number strip up, but that would have messed up the balance. Then the idea of the scroll hit. I'd already done all the journaling I needed to about this particular habit of my son's on my blog. So I sized a document in Photoshop to the dimensions I'd need to print on my small notebook paper, copied the text from my blog, printed it out on the notebook paper, and smartly glued the whole scroll onto my layout. And you can't tell because of how I photographed the layout. Sneaky, yes? The scrolled notebook paper fits the topic, I covered up a mistake, and I journaled all that I wanted to, without having to start over again. It's a happy thing! So the next time you make a mistake, don't panic, just look for a creative way to hide it.


Lorie said...

Emily - you are a genius!

Kim said...

I tell myself and my students in scrappyland: 'there are no mistakes in scrapbooking. a mistake is just another creative opportunity.'

Wendy said...

I love how you covered up your mistake! I always try to figure out a way to cover up mine or work around them. A scroll is a great idea for journaling!