September 21, 2009

This weeks challenge and last weeks participants

Its me, Kirsty, again (oh no - OH YES!).
Last weeks challenge was, admittedly, a stinker. No patterned paper, no embellishments and use of a handful of basics like paint, mists and pens, punches and plain cardstocks.... **snigger*** However you all did good and rose the task with spirit and mucky fingers. Here are a few that caught our eye but if you want to check out everyone's work in full click on this link HERE to take you to the thread from the Studes forum.

Penny's bold take on the challenge certainly has a hypnotic effect - those blues!

Reeni' focuses on those mists that we have all become so crazy about - she made them into bubbles to match the theme of her photo

Cannycrafter clearly made an impact with the photos but cutting 27 of them into butterflies! Clever!

Simple yet striking - I wish I could pull that off at times and here JenniferL nailed it beautifully

and finally this little smasher by *Audi* made excellent use of the lack of supplies here.... I love this one muchly

So, now then................
This weeks challenge is more sedate-ish. Kelly and I have decided we ought to celebrate Autumn - sigh, this time of year is truly amazing. This leaves it wide open to how you come up with something special for us all to delight in. But (always a but) Id love to see you use 5 key products (add more if you wish, but definitely use the 5 key supplies listed below). After enjoying Emily's 5 product challenge the other week, I thought why not make the challenges somewhat limited but also resourceful and fun (or not fun, in some cases). So whilst I conjure up a creation of my own here is a checklist of the 5 items to use:

Eyelets (lets resurrect those little blighters)
Patterned paper pieces no bigger than 4 inch square
Paint swooshes

Again, feel free to add extra supplies but make sure the above 5 are on there somewhere.

Im off to create - I shall be back forthwith.


Jennifer Larson said...

Thanks for showing my page--I had a lot of fun making it, and I was honored to be on the same page as those other fabulous ones.

I lamely need help in knowing what's meant by paint swooshes. Shows how often I use paint!

Elisabeth Costa said...

I will attempt this challenge especially because autumn is my fav season :)

penny said...

Here's my Fall page. I posted in the message board also.

Lindsay said...

I had SO much fun with this challenge! I must admit, the eyelets and the floss were little boogers to use. I had to go scrounging for eyelets as I gave most of mine away since I didn't use them!
I did accomplish this challenge and will be posting it soon. I was pleased with how it turned out--I didn't stick with the traditional "fall" colors. I had fun with this. Will share soon!
Can't wait to see everyone else's take! :)

Lindsay said...

Here is my finished product!
Thanks again for the fun challenge! :)