September 16, 2009

Digi Inspiration

There seems to be a massive divide between paper and digi scrappers. And you know what, that's fine. But the the fence sitters - the hybrid scrappers - get to sample the best of both worlds so when you have just paper or just digi....its stalemate.

Studio Calico kit subbers totally know they are in for a papery treat every time they open that luxuriously rich kraft coloured box every month; I know because Im one of them. Its all well and good unpacking those pieces and laying them on the table to devour in one savoury lick but when it come to the task of actually hacking up those supplies in order to utilise them well, often some of us are stumped. I know we look at magazines, two peas,, Creating Keepsakes and countless other online galleries but have you ever taken a quick peep at some of the digi sites for pointers? Man alive, what people can do with digi seems to be paper-avoidingly fantastic. So inspired was I that I thought Id share a my "go to" digi site with you to see if it might get you going as you drive through your coveted Cotillion kit this month.

Don't be put off by the products not matching what you have in your kit as, often, placement and design can be such a big help. Tiny elements such as novel use or angle of supplies can also boost that creative rut. So ithout further ado, Im going to share with you Christina Renee, one of my fave ever digi artists. I urge you to check out her shop because digi supplies are totally printable and can be used on your layouts; especially the vintagey feel ones.

This layout was created by Nevache and can be seen fully HERE

There is something ethereal about this beautiful layout , created by Kalisha HERE

That bow - that stunning bow!! This layout was created by Mellow Butterfly HERE

Tangie Baxter created this beauty HERE - I can't quite believe how drawn to this layout I am

Joannknnrd created this slice of joy over HERE

Im in love with this layout. It was created by wmnwrtr over HERE

I love all that vintage paper stuffed behind the main sheet - sigh, its beautiful. It was made by Unica over HERE

So inspired of this post am I, I'm going to dive into my supplies right now to come up with a little something from these layouts alone. Hope you can join me :)

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Elisa said...

Fab stuff, Kirsty!
Having started digi, I don't think I'll ever go back to it, but I love to add digi elements to my LO!
I was quite taken by the big bow, I'll get thinking now.