September 29, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

Here at Studio Calico, we like to share the things that inspire us. Now, most of you know that I am not a veteran scrapbooker, I'm still a novice, so I see things a little differently than most of our talented Design Team. Before I started hanging out with these talented ladies, I hardly ever looked twice at magazine ads, fonts or design elements. April set out to educate me and has worked hard over the last two years to point out different types of design styles and include me in lots of conversations about product usage in an effort to bring me up to speed. Just recently, I've started to really grasp these lessons and am learning to think with the creative side of my brain, not just the logical side!

A couple of months ago, Emily posted about a website that she had found and become addicted to....anything that Emily likes usually appeals to me, so I investigated. I'm now addicted to StumbleUpon too! Here is how it works, you go in and fill out a list of your interests, they use your preferences to deliver high-quality pages that are matched to your interests. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. Here are a couple of inspirational things that I Stumbled Upon:

The layers in this photo are amazing. It reminds me of some of the amazing work that our DT members do layering different elements on their layouts. I also love the way that the colors pop in comparison to the dark undertones of the background.

This picture reminded me of something that you would find on the some of the papers that we have featured over the past two years. I love the little deer and the mushrooms on the right side. Orange is also my favorite color, so I am always drawn to anything that is orange.

Something else that April has introduced me to is Etsy. I'd never heard of it before, and once again, I'm addicted. I just like to go to the site and tool around, looking at different things and dreaming about being able to create yummy goodness like that on my own. My friends and family are also happy that I have found this particular gem as the quality of the gifts that they receive on their birthdays and at Christmas has greatly improved!

I'll leave you with one last image that I found on Etsy. It's not an image of a product, it's a font that I saw advertising custom orders.

I never noticed things like fonts before, but this one really made me stop and smile. It just looks so fun and whimsical.

Well, that's all for me today. Emily will be posting tomorrow....I won't steal her thunder by telling you what she will be posting about, you'll just have to tune in and find out!

Have a good night!


Emily Pitts said...

i love learning what makes you tick! and yet another thing we have in common, you like orange too :) thanks for this lorie!

BeeBopp23 said...

I loved this post and the photos that caught your attention! I can't help but agree on some of the points you brought up about keeping your eye open for inspiration! There are several things I've learned from this hobby and every time I flip open a magazine I find that I do pay close attention to the ads and typography more than I ever have! I actually did a blog post about this the other day! You can take a look if like....

Dena said...

I haven't done any scrapbooking yet, but my MIL loves it. I really like the first photo with all the vibrant jewel tones in it. Thank you for sharing this site.