January 5, 2010

Totally Inspired.

I'm getting lots of inspiration lately...every time I turn around there's something that I file away in my creative memory bank for later use.

Like this flyer from the event hall down the street from my house (that I wish I'd designed because it's so flippin' cute)

This vintage desk fan I ordered a bit ago from Adripofcoffee's Etsy shop

And I know Christmas is over, but this wintery picture from Miss Vee just drives me crazy.

This "Birds of a Feather" print from Bomobob on Etsy

This book, that I happened upon at a used bookstore this summer, that has tons of ideas on how to use junk to make your house happy..

And the book, Striking Images, a collection of vintage matchbook cover art.

And this fantastic cluster of goodness I saw at Nichole's blog. It totally inspires me.

There's a little peek at what's making me happy... what's inspiring you?


Steph W


diana albright said...

seriously awesome eyecandy here! i love knowing what inspires creative genius!

jenney said...

Such prettiness! Thanks for sharing!

debbieback said...

love the fan !~

amy said...

omi...loooovvvee that pickin in the pulpit!!!

amy said...
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Scrapamum said...

Love it!!!

Linda said...

I loved the 'birds of a feather', too cute!

tnt521 said...

This post has inspired me! Putting away and reorganized my scrappin' papers, wandering thrift and antique stores...and redoing things in our house, getting rid of stuff has all been doing it for me!

tammy t