January 19, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration

Since Tina and I are focusing on the Home Front this week, I thought I'd share some of my new favorite blogs with you. My sister got my plugged into home blogs. There are so many different ones to choose from, but through one blog she directed me to, I found a treasure trove of links. So I'll share a couple I've found, but you can explore The Homies 2009for hundreds more options! I like looking at these blogs because they are not scrap related at all, but you can pull inspiration from them just the same.

Door Sixteen--this is the first one that Julia pointed me toward. It's a fun account of remodeling an old house and buying a 400 square foot apartment and doing the same. Some beautiful inspiration photos, and a fun read. She loves white floors and black walls. And I love her stairs.

Simple Blueprint--a collection of images that the author has found on the web. Some really fun things, not all house related, but still very inspiring. But this one is definitely house related, and I found it very cool on the following levels: the grunged up wall on the left, the photo frames on an entire wall, the wood plank floors, and the stacks of books on the left. Lots you could do scrappy wise.

Rare & Beautiful Treasures is an online journal of sorts, she's got it split up into different categories, I got this photo from her decorating inspiration file.

There's just a few of the ones that I've been discovering. I can spend far too much time going from link to link, but I find so much inspiration. I hope you will too!

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