February 23, 2010

Esty Inspiration

I don't know about you, but we LOOOOOOVE Etsy around here. There's just something about handmade goodies that makes a body want to craft. Anytime I'm having scrapper's block or just a bad day. I go around and browse around Etsy. It can be a time eater, but its a fun time eater!!!

So right now I'm waiting for baby J to show up and looking for inspiration for our new baby room. I decided I was going to get ghetto and rig up a "registry" at Etsy by just adding only baby things to my favorite items list. I have tons of things on there, but here's a few more inspiring things I found as I was searching around today:

sushi booties

come on...baby toes aren't edible enough? I think every baby needs some sushi booties!

branch decal

There are TONS of vinyl decal shops on etsy, but I just especially loved this sweet branch!

organic bamboo sling

I loved that this was not only eco friendly, but mad stylish as well. I love the colors in this baby sling!

rule posters

Love these graphic posters with rules from the management. There are a bunch more in their shop. A must have for the modern baby!!!

camera teether

We are camera crazy in our house. This adorable teether is high on my list (and its organic too :D)

robot print

There are SO MANY "art prints" on Etsy. I thought this one was particularly adorable.

mom tattoo headband

Every rockin' baby need this :D

grey flowered bib

Only the MOST stylish babies are wearing grey and yellow this season!

personalized print

Again, there are a ton of personalized stuff on Etsy, but I really love the fun quality of this shop's graphics, and the bright yummy colors!

bear hat

And really, I could live with or without this hat, although it IS pretty cute. The photo KILLED me :D Tres Fantastic!


Valerie said...
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Chris said...

ok, i totally think you have to have that hat!! i had 2 boys and i always loved putting them in adoarable hats...even tho my navy husband thought it was bad...i did it anyway!! thanks for sharing these!! if i had a little one...i'd be shopping...right now i need college money...LOL

Anonymous said...

Etsy is very inspiring, but as a handmade seller on there with my family, we have hundreds of "views" & get really frustrated when browsers use our ideas for their own instead of supporting other artists. We wish that people would buy from Etsy & use creative blogs like SC for their inspiration when "scrap-lifting." Just a thought...

Joy Madison said...

dear anonymous, this is meant to be a go buy a gift for someone post. I have purchased many many things from Etsy over the past few years. I'm sorry you were offended. This is meant to boost store sales not offend owners. Let me know who you are and I will gladly take your item off this post.


Marlene said...

Just a 'green' side note ... vinyl wall stickers are one of the worst offenders of VOC's and really aren't good for baby rooms. Otherwise, great Etsy finds!