November 26, 2009

Baker's Twine Tutorial

This post has been rolling around in my brain for 6 months now. I wanted to do a tutorial, but couldn't think of anything to do. Someone suggested Baker's Twine as a tutorial topic, but I was like, baker's twine, what can you actually tutorialize with baker's twine. But then I thought about my lists I make...I thought maybe I could come up with 50 uses of baker's twine. My brain pooped out after 13 scrapbooking related uses, but I hope this list inspires you!!

1. Let's start with the most basic. Wrap the twine around a piece of paper or a card. With this card it holds on a tag, but I've also just done it for fun :)

2. If you look at the bottom of that bow there is a "bead" (its actually two red 1/2 pearls stuck together) Use the twine to let something hang free off your project. A bead, a tiny bell, a tag?

3. Use the twine as photo corners on a layout or a card. I sewed these in, but you could just wrap the corner too.

4. Hang a little banner off of baker's twine and hang it from a card or layout! I left mine free hanging, but you could glue your pieces down too!

5. Sew with twine! I used a scrap as a mask to make the outline of this frame.

6. Use twine in the holes of a button!

7. Tie a bow with baker's twine around something. Here I used it to "hang" these mittens!

8. Make a twine frame around a photo. Here I stapled the corners with a loop for a decorative look! Thanks to Glue for this idea!

9. Make a Baker's Twine flower. Put two fingers together and wrap around about 10 times. Tie middle of the loops you made with another piece of string. Put a brad in the middle (this isn't easy...just work it through carefully)

10. Write with the twine. I love this idea that I first saw from Lisa Dickenson's "eleven" layout. I wrote lightly in pencil. I used a glue pen and glued one letter at a time! It seems to be holding well.

11. Wrap a chipboard letter with twine. This is an interesting look for a title, or just a monogram card!

12. Here's another way to frame your photo with Baker's Twine. I wrapped the twine around brads at the corner of the photo and tied on the side.

13. I've always loved the idea of things having two lives and being able to remove elements from layouts. By using the twine to hold down this tag, it makes a cute card. After you send it your friend can use the tag as a bookmark!! Genius, eh? You could use this technique to hold down a pretty gift card too!

Hope this "tutorial" inspires you to use up your Baker's Twine, or to start a new obsession :) Although I only used the red & white in this tutorial, I own like 7 colors of the stuff, its totally addictive. Check out the Studio Calico shop for all the colors we sell!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Tutorials search engine today (look for timestamp: 25 Nov [LA 05:20pm, NY 08:20pm] - 26 Nov [UK 01:20am, OZ 12:20pm] ).

Anonymous said...

This is one of the cutest mini gallery of cards I have ever seen! You will all turn me into a card maker yet! Beautiful ideas here! Thank you!

Karola said...

Fantastic tutorial, I loooove twine! Beautiful projects!

Angela said...

Your cards are so adorable! What creative ideas you have! Thanks for sharing!

Emily Pitts said...

fun tutorial joy, some really cool ideas to try, that flower is super cute.

Conchita said...

Je te suis dans mon blog. Ton travail m'enchante, est superbell