November 29, 2009

Orchestra DT Gallery...caution, these will make you want to scrap.

Hi all!! After a whirlwind shoping weekend, I am just now getting to sit down and wander through the newest Design Team gallery...and I have to say, seeing these makes me want to run over to my desk and play!! Here are the layouts that caught my eye...

Our guest this month, Karla Dudley, blew me away with this one. The contrast of that black paper against the soft colors in the rest of the layout just wowed me...and I love how she used just a wee bit of that die cut paper. Ok, any time that someone uses the entire alphabet on a page, I'm pretty much sold. But then April went and SEWED each of those letters AND added the awesome border of pins at the top...done deal, my friend. YES!

Davinie's project speaks volumes to me. After hearing a bit about how these photos came about, I am inclined to do the same...and I love that she made something she can leave out year-round. know I'm a sucker for some paint splatters...this is GORGEOUS!! AND you filled in the stamped title with paint??!! You rock.

Joy was able to capture her feelings about her holiday visit to Mt. Vernon, even though they wouldn't allow photos to be that. I love when people find ways to convey their thoughts without necessarily using a photo specific to that event.

Jenn...your poor boy, lol (although secretly, I'll bet he loves having two older sisters that smooch on him). The fact that you worked all of those papers into a cool border at the top blew me away.
I love Kelly's mix of photo sizes here...and how a few of the elements are askew. great use of that glitter frame as well to house the journaling.

I am a sucker for it. So this layout from Lisa's gallery jumped right out at me, AND the sewing is amazing (as usual!). The mixed typed/handwritten journaling is way cool as well.

Cool misting? Check. Just the right amount of tidbits? Check. Darling picture? Check. Maggie, this one is an all-time fave of mine!!

I always love how Nicole S. uses products to make unique looking elements on her pages. The repeated circles and tilted banners somehow imply motion, which is just too cool.

I had a few faves from Steph's gallery this month...but I *think* i narrowed it down to this one as the top dog. The photo of her best friend is perfect, the yellow against the black is SOOOO striking and the cluster of flowers at the bottom sealed the deal for me.

I can't even count how many photos Tina used here, and I love that! Awesome way to recall a memory...especially the single photos at the top and bottom.

So there you have it...another smashing DT Gallery. Would love to hear what elements caught your eye this month!!


Michelle*G said...

Wow! Amazing work! I so wish I had my kit to play with!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

absolutely amazing stuff!

lisa truesdell said...

fabulous choices - i don't envy you being the one to make the list. ;)

sillypea said...

This months gallery really knocked my socks off - seriously. You need a print button, so I can just have them all in my inspiration book now... thanks for leaving us all in awe every month!

Nitasha said...

As always, the entire DT and Guest Designer, have provided us with so much eye candy that it's ridiculous! WOW! Love it all, but really crushin' on all the misting and stitching!