November 18, 2009

Home Front Blog Hop Winners

We'll keep this post updated, so keep checking back to see if your name appears:

April Foster - LotsToScrap
Stephanie Howell - Michelle Wilwand
Lisa Truesdell - Patty B
Emily Pitts - Holly Humbert
Jenn Olson - Denise Nichols
Tina Aszmus - Roberta
Nicole Samuels - Abby
Maggie Holmes - Didee
Kelly Noel - Glynnis
Davinie Fiero - Heather Prins
Nicole Harper - Alison Day
Joy Madison - Beatrice
Celine Navarro - Jenney McAnnally


Emily Pitts said...

no way, denise won? :) congrats girlie!

ArlaMo said...

Woohoo!! I'm so excited!

Ki Kruk said...

congrats everyone... special shout out to Denise! You go girl!!

Kimber-Leigh said...

congrats ladies! such a terrific giveaway!!!

Denise said...

YIPPEE KI YAY! I am so excited. Thank you so very much! :o)

Anonymous said...

Yahoooeeyyy!!!!! I cannot wait!!!

Tiffany Heilman said...

congrats ladies!

Abby said...

So awesome! Woohoo! Thanks so much SC!

Ally said...

What? i think you made a mistake because I don't see MY name! hee hee - congrats to all!

beatrice said...

so happy !!! thanks SC and thanks Joy

Anonymous said...

Congrats ladies! and thanks for all the fun SC :)

pattyb said...

OMGosh, I can't believe I won one. Thanks so much!

jenney said...

Wahoo!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

beatrice said...

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thanks so much