November 17, 2009

Grateful for Inspiration

One of my favorite thing about the holidays is looking through magazines and websites and dreaming of what I would do to decorate if I had money and gumption to do so. I just love seeing how different people (and truthfully the magazines) decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The reality of OUR crazy family dinners is "faux" plastic china (from Costco) red drinking cups and lots and lots of food and laughter, but a girl can dream, eh?

Love this simple buffet with a combo of pewter and wood and whiteware. The berry twigs just scream fall, and they can be found in (someone's) yard for free :)

This is another "cheap" idea of turning veggies into candle holders wrapped in ribbon or just hollowed out. Those artichokes are seriously adorable!

Another totally "do-able" paper craft, cut letters out of cardstock or fall colored patterned paper with a Cricut or craft knife, and slip them over candles as covers! I love this idea!

Not really something I'd ever do, but I really like this idea of an all white table. Very modern and wonderful!

I'm always a sucker for multiple things inside of glass pieces. Random, I know. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that big glass hurricane with candles, twigs, acorns and PHOTOS, are you kidding me? PHOTOS! (you must see this bigger, click through, click through!)

That Martha, she (well, her staff) is always a fount of cool decorating ideas. Most of them are do-able by the common (wo)man! I love these corn husk covered votives!!

Glue some acorns onto ribbon, cut leaf shapes for place cards (or press some real leaves) and you're in business!!

Another pressed leaf project. Clear plates sitting on top of a small branch of leaves. Loverly!!!

OMGosh, seriously? The cutest thing EVAH!!! Check out Martha's whole Thanksgiving decor slide show by clicking on that cutie!!

:) This turkey is more my speed. This project totally makes me smile. I have a bunch of nieces and nephews, (and my own 3) and this is a project that we could make at the cabin before we do the big Thanksgiving on paper plates thang ;)

Most of these photos are clickable to other ideas....if you need more inspiration click around through some of the lovely tables I found, and be inspired!!!


Theresa Smith said...

my holidays are always celebrated with paper plates too! We actually camp for Thanksgiving. So fun. Who needs china?

Starr said...

Love the candles & roses, so pretty :)

Emily Pitts said...

gumption is the key word in my house :) love these ideas.

Chris Dodaj said...

so many cute ideas, Joy!!
thanks, I need some inspiration!

Megan said...

Love the inspirations! Thanks for posting the pics. :)

Jessica Griffin said...

Beautiful!! I was so excited for Thanksgiving... I thought it was tomorrow. When I realized I'm an ENTIRE week ahead of myself... I lost my excitement!!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

LOVE these images!