December 1, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday- Book Covers

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I'm an avid reader. I have been ever since I was little.
I read so much and so quickly...I have stopped buying books for the most part.
I go to the local library weekly to check out the latest hardbacks.

A while back I read this book:
it's a wonderful little gem of a book, in case you were wondering. one that sticks with you long after you read it.

but the plot isn't the only thing that stuck with me. i actually picked up this novel because of the cover art work. i LOVED it. that's what drew me in. and it made me want to use this shade of orange on a layout. the font also made me want to use some AC thickers i had in my stash. ;)

this book made me want to look at more book covers for inspiration. so i headed over to amazon.
in a wonderful coincidence, they are running their "Best Book Covers of 2009" contest.
you can win some wonderful prizes for voting.

so i took a stroll through each gallery, and thought i'd share some of my favorites.
hope you enjoy...and next time use what you are reading as inspiration for your layouts!!


Bethany said...

those are awesome covers!!! woulda never thot to look there for inspiration but YEAH! i can totally see it!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, what amazing covers! thanks for pointing out this source of inspiration-- i read voraciously, too.

and thanks for the head's up about the amazon contest. i went and voted!

Kimber-Leigh said...

LOVE this post, fellow book lover! love the "this is where i leave you" cover!

Linda said...

Thanks for the Amazon tip - I voted too!!

joanna said...

absolutely LOVED Little Bee - read it over the summer and it's still vivid in my mind.

Emily Pitts said...

steph, i love this post. the library is something i wholeheartedly support. thanks for all the inspiration!

Samantha said...

I read Little Bee because of the cover and I am so glad that I did.

Renae Clark said...

Hi April. Not only is "This is where I leave you" a great cover, it is a fabulous book. One of my favorites this year. Good stuff!