December 23, 2009


hey everyone!

Lately, I've been very inspired by home decor and have found many interesting blogs that posted amazing pictures of houses, appartments and such from around the globe.

What I usually do is get inspiration from color combos, materials, textures, prints from whatever I see.

I found this AMAZING bed blanket on Anthropolgie. Don't you just love it? I'd LOVE to be able to get one like this in France...oh well. :)
Anyway, it's easy to be inspired by the amazing colors here or the patterns...or...wouldn't you like to create a 100% FABRIC layout or mini album inspired by this color palette? Oh my! I already wanna scrap right now! :)

I found this incredible box furniture on the decor8 blog (one of my favorite websites ever!). I WANT THIS so bad!
I thought it would be easy to be inspired by such a furniture : imagine creating a double-page layout, with squares, photos, pockets, and all layered on top of each other. Wouldn't that be cool? especially that the color palette is simply amazing.

Well, THIS could be sooo much fun to make, don't you think? Love the colors, love the idea, love the flowers and would love to have this on my couch! :) (found on the Anthropolgie website).

Well, I hope you got inspiration from Home Decor and if you have any pictures you'd like to share, feel free to post it in the comments : I would LOVE to see what inspires you! :)



LuckyJava said...

Funny- I have that quilt on my guest bed! I'm anthro'd out- it's a bad habit but totally inspirational. I've always found SC to be the anthro version of scrapbooking :)

LuckyJava said...

One more comment. For inspiration look at . It's the Irish version of Anthropologie. Found it in Dublin the last day we were there! I've actually crocheted something myself that I found on the website!

Ally said...

Hey - that's my daughter's blanket! Unfortunately, it's not very sturdy and ripped within her first month of owning it. ugh.