December 3, 2009

a random post on this very fine thursday.

Today is suppose to be "insider tip" day here on the SC blog but I lack any sort of creative energy. Days like this is usually when I catch up on inspirational blogs and browse through some amazing photography via Flickr.
We've all been there, right? I hear it many times.
So today my insider tip is basically what I do when I'm at this low point or the time where I'm anxiously waiting for my next kit to arrive.
I like to compile some ideas and start pulling photographs I want to use. This is also a good time to edit photos as well. The photos I do scrapbook, I don't like to over edit or use extreme PS actions. I leave those for my blog or Flickr. I do brighten up my images or transform them to b&w. I'll go ahead and print them at this time too. The smaller, the better for me.
Next is cleaning my scrap space. I've got to have a clean slate when my kit arrives.
I make sure I've got plenty of tape and staples on hand as well. There's nothing more frustrating than running out of tape mid scrappage.
Now I wait patiently for that beautiful kraft colored box to arrive at my doorstep.
In the mean time, let's do some blog reading.

My first blog has nothing to do with scrapping or decorating but it's inspiring to me none the less.
Garance Dore
why a fashion blog? It's the photographs of complete strangers dressed in such beautiful, sometimes odd clothes. Fashion has always been an inspiration in my scrapbooking .
Pretty Good
the simplicity of this blog is what grabs my attention. One beautiful photo and a few words in a pretty font. That's it.
Ink On My Fingers
a fellow polaroid lover. her words are amazing. I get a lot of journaling inspiration here.
Ritzy Bee Blog and Kiss The Groom
Wedding blogs are awesome for color combinations.

Those are just a select few that I go to often during this down time.
How about you? Any suggestions?


Jill said...

Is your pretty good link correct? I don't understand linking but it's the only one I can't get to

Anonymous said...
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Kim bolyard said...

thanks for sharing love looking at all the photos..