December 23, 2009

Ode to my Mom :)

Hello everyone!

I know everyone is getting ready for Christmas but I thought you wouldn't mind seeing the cute gift I made my mom using the amazing Printers Tray project kit :)

I know it's quite difficult sometimes to find Christmas gifts for our loved ones, especially if they keep telling you they don't need anything! Well, there's one thing they always need : LOVE!

So, I thought I would work on a project to make my mom happy and I know she's going to like it :)

Ok so this is what you might need to make this project :

First of all, you need to cut twelve 2,5x3,5" pieces of paper into your favorite patterned papers (one piece for each little window).

My photos are a little bit smaller than the ATC's size as I've been having problems with my printer but, in a way, I like it better like this as I managed to mount them on patterned papers and it looks good too.
You'll see that, on another ATC, I used this clear acrylic butterfly as a mask with my Charcoal mist. You just need to use a baby wipe to clean your butterfly afterwards.

Here's a very clean design, not to get a too overwhelm and busy design on all of my ATC's.

For this one, I just cut stripes of papers, glue it on my ATC and sprayed some mist on top of it all. Then you can use a heat gun to make it dry faster, if you don't like to wait (just like me). Cutting the chipboard button can add interest to your design, as you're working in frames.

Those tiny flowers are just too cute for words!

You can use tiny embellishments on your alphas as well.

This is what I was explaining earlier with the butterfly clear acrylic. Doesn't it look cool? Simply outline it with a white pen, write a bit of journaling inside the shape and ta-da!

Here, I cut a flash card in two and work on two ATC's frame at a time, in order to match the design a little bit.

And this is what it looks like in my artroom vintage wall! :) Too bad I'm giving it to my mom because I think it looks great on my black&white vintage wallpaper :D but that'd be the reason to get me another Printer's tray :)

I hope you liked it, girls, that you got as much inspiration as you can :)

Merci! :)



meganklauer said...

Wow! Beautiful!

AllyW said...

Fabulous job on this Celine! This is beautiful! I just bought one of these trays and i'm excited to decorate it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nolwenn said...

C'est très inspirant, merci Céline :)
Malheureusement, le kit est déjà épuisé... :(

Danielle said...

This is beautiful, Celine!! She will adore it!

Scrapamum said...

You have been busy. I love this project!

Stacey said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I hope she loves it. I am loving your wall paper! Gorgeous. Can't wait to hear what she says when she sees it.

Anonymous said...

tu es si adorable, Celine! merci pour le projet et l'explication l'adore!! :) (my French is TRES rusty, eh? ;)


Astrid said...

Beautiful!! I was just gathering ideas for the tray, so perfect timing.

Michelle*G said...

Just gorgeous! I love what you created here!

tania said...

celine.....OMG!!! wowowowowowowow!!! this is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

wow just love it ! unfortunately i did not buy this add on... so now i'm looking for tne 7 Gypsies ATC & PHOTO Display Artist Printers Tray.... hope to find it because it's awesome !

cortaline said...

Pfiouuuuuuuuuuu ... It's gorgeous Céline ... not too bad my english ... j'adoreuuuuuuuuu en voilà une "mamounette" avec sa fifille heureuses ... vous êtes belles toutes les deux ... peut être pour moi un petit MI spécial St valentin ... La Biz La Delf

Kimberly said...

What an AMAZING creation! LOVE this...just BEAUTIFUL my friend!

Conchita said...

Wow!!!! This is beautiful!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!