March 6, 2010

All in the name of scientific research

thanks to lisa t. for this suggestion, by the way.
i was stumped on what to talk about today.

lisa suggested i share images of the different quilt patterns that the add-ons in quilting bee are named after.

and i thought this was a wonderful idea!
but of course, knowing me, this idea took a slightly different twist and i acccccidentallllly ended up finding three sets of bedding that i want.

i quickly discovered that googling these quilt patterns in the "images" section of google was very educational. however, googling them in the "shopping" section of google was even MORE educational.

maybe mr. howell isn't quite as grateful to lisa as i am?? heeee!

so now i can teach YOU to identify the quilt patterns AND help you find new spring bedding.

here we go.

EXHIBIT A: wedding ring.
i found this pretty quilt at country porch. and i kind of love it. almost as much as i loved that add-on. ;)

Exhibit B: honeycomb.
I found this gem at Pottery Barn (natch). And it is delicious.

Exhibit C: Patchwork
This one is from Urban Outfitters. Is it wrong that I now want THREE new quilts? is that overkill?

so, there you have it. i think i'll be dreaming of quilts tonight!!
p.s. thanks for the idea, lisa!!
steph (H)


lisa truesdell said...

dear mr howell - i am very, very, VERY sorry. ;)

(ps : i've had my eye on that quilt from UO!)

TeenaBugg38 said...

In order for this research to be exact and true we need a controlled study. Which means you will have to have all 3 quilts to determine the various benefits of each and be able to come to a conclusion.

(shrugs shoulders......) Just tryin to help ya out Stephanie!!!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Mmm...wonder if they ship to Australia? Beautiful scientific study!!! p.s. My hubby's not happy now either. (-:

Anonymous said...

LOVELY! I am obsessed with quilts... and now thanks to Susan W... I even got myself making them!

Laura Fiore said...

Hey! That patchwork quilt from UO looks a lot like those K & Co papers from last year, doesn't it?

I'm thinking J is gonna squelch the first one for's so girly...and romantic. If you can drape yourself nicely over the second one so as to cover all of the butterflies, you may be able to get a yes from him for that one ;-)

Erica Hettwer said...

Mmmmm, quilts! My mom and granny are quilters and I love them! I've only made one though. Try googling "Storm at Sea quilt pattern". It's my all time favorite!

Jennifer Larson said...

The color combos on the quilts are terrific.

Debbie said...

my mom still hand quilts. most are done by machine these days. this is one of my fav's
i really really want it for the spare room. =)

Ally said...

OMG - LOVE that last one! MUST have it. N.O.W.

Hmmm, going to check my home improvement budget as I type!

Anonymous said...

It's not an overkill, but maybe an over-quilt ^^ sorry for that one, I couldn't fight the urge ;)) Best wishes! (from a german follower currently located in nz)