March 1, 2010

challenge: lift a member!

hey guys! it's stephanie (h). lisa and i are hosting the SC blog this week,
and we are so very excited to start march off with a bang!

you may have noticed that each of us lifted a member for our designer gallery this month.
i do this all the time. there is SO much inspiration at SC, i feel like i am constantly filing away tidbits to use for layouts.

i made this layout:

based on this fabulous layout by lynn ghahary:

and lisa made this layout:

by lifting this stunning layout by simplytam:

if you haven't checked out our fabulous member gallery lately, go HERE.
it's the best gallery around, bar none.

okay, on with the challenge!
this week, we challenge you to lift a layout from the phenomenal member gallery at SC.
you can be inspired by the title, the photo placement, the colors, the topic...or something even more random.
you can do a literal lift...or something different.
it's up to you!!

the only requirements-
it must be a new layout
link it here by midnight PST on saturday, march 6.
we will draw a winner to receive a 5 dollar GC to the studio calico store.

can't wait to see what you make...thanks for playing along!!!


Amy said...

I loved this feature this month!! And there is sooo much in the gallery as of late that is fantastic and so inspiring that it will not be hard to find one to lift! :D

Debbie said...

love the DT lifts for the gallery. great challenge. =)

Diana said...

Great challenge, but what exactly do you mean by a "new" layout?

Betsy said...

Here is my layout:

And here is the one I "lifted"

My floating cupcakes were inspired from her floating flowers.

TeenaBugg38 said...

very cool challenge!!! I am just loving this's my favorite!!

stephanie howell said...

diana, "new layout" means make a new layout for the challenge. don't use one you've previously done. :)

Joaniebolognie said...

I love this challenge! I am always scraplifting the amazing LO of the DT & member gallery!!!!

I lifted the awesome Blnspired LO-

Here's mine-

Thanks for lookin!

kathleen said...

I am so inspired by the SC gallery!!!!! I lifted Lisa's Grow layout! Thanks, Lisa!

Hanna Long said...

Here is my LO - thanks April for the inspiration

AllieH said...

Great challenge.

This is my take -

Jennifer Larson said...

I accidentally lifted Jenn O. Here's mine: and here's hers:

Mandie said...

here's my lift of melenia :)

Curlywiggles said...

There's so many I could have lifted from the gallery, but this is my layout for the challenge:

36amanda said...

The link to my scraplift is
I really enjoyed browsing through all the gorgeous layouts for this challenge

Rita said...

Loved this challenge! Here's mine.

Christy said...
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Christy said...
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Christy said...

For some reason, mine isn't linking right. Hopefully this works:

Debbie said...

i got one done finally !~

Leah said...

here is my lift of gluestickgirl's wish LO

Betsy said...

I did another one since there are so many beauties to lift.

This is my lift of Stephanie Howell's 21 Months (previously at this link
, but now out for publication).


TeenaBugg38 said...

Here is mine!! I love these challenges!!

Kimber-Leigh said...

here's my layout:

i linked the layout i lifted in the thread on the message board!

Zarah said...

This is FUN!
After finding TONS of Los I wanted to lift (whoa - what a gallery!), I finally chiose this one by Kimberly Garofolo:

Here's my take on it:

(Omygosh! I didn't post in time! I wrote the post and must have missed the "publich" button! I'm sucha ditz! Well, anyway - it's here.)

lpaigeb1984 said...

I missed the deadline but here it is...


Nichole H