March 2, 2010

tuesday inspiration!

good morning sunshines!

i know that lots of fabulous SC designers have been sharing photos from their Tumblr account for Tuesday inspiration.

today I thought I'd share a few inspirational images from mine!

i plan to use these images as a jumping off point. Not only for scrapbooking, but for home, you name it!

this is a page i tore out of mary engelbreit's home companion magazine long ago (oh how i MISS that magazine!). i just love this fresh color combination!

here's another image from the same magazine (did i mention how much i miss home companion??). another amazing, happy color combination.

Here's one that's a bit more modern...(via lush designs).
These are colors I'm dying to use on a page:

sigh. there's nothing i love more than black+white. so elegant, audrey hepburn!
(via coco+kelley)

and one more...(via wedding paper divas)
this one makes me happy. gray+yellow...delicious.

this was FUN!!! hope you found a tiny bit of inspiration here today.
happy tuesday!!
steph (h)


Kimber-Leigh said...

great finds steph! i love that big floral painting in the second picture...methinks that's going to inspire a page!

Jess said...

I miss ME Home Companion too. I have a coupe of pages from it on my desk right now.
Funny about the b&w Audrey Hepburn thing. People always say my teen reminds them of her and that's how she's done her room.

Donna said...

Great that yellow!

Staci said...

I JUST did a card with the deep purple, black and white thing. More purple and black, less white in my card. I'll post it on the blog soon I suppose.

Hi JessicaS! We even haunt the same blogs. We were destined to be friends, even if circumstances pull us thousands of miles apart!