March 19, 2010

Member Spotlight - Larissa Albernaz

I'm so happy and honored to have Larissa Albernaz from Brazil be our guest for this new Member Spotlight post :)
I was lucky enough to meet Larissa when I taught in Brazil in 2008 and not only this girl is talented but oh dear, she's also a doll! :) Let's get to know this incredible artist!

how did you get started with Scrapbooking?

Well, I had my colorful agendas in my teenage years; full of stickers and attachments. I also used to make detailed notebooks with magazine clippings, book passages, pictures and drawings. After that, when I got married, as my husband has photographing as hobby, I started setting up albums of our trips, putting together a little bit of everything we brought such as tickets, stickers, post cards and so on. I even used some scrapbook products without even knowing the whole theory. At least, scrapbook really, I only started getting to know in September of 2005 when I took my first class.
When my daughter was born, I decided it was also time to tell the story behind those pictures. I set my first scrapbooking album during my pregnancy but, I made it with no techniques at all. It was only when she turned two years old that I saw an ad about a scrapbooking class near where I live. I got eager to learn more and nowadays I’m completely addicted.

How do you usually start with a new layout?
If I’ve got a particular photo that I want to use, I’ll start by matching up some paper to it, but usually, as I only have time to DT work, I start with the papers/kits and plann my design, then find the photos that suit. I try everything and If i´m satisfied, I stick them down, then onto the title, and finally add the embellishments.

What do you like so much about Studio Calico?

I really think the kit is perfect, awesome! Everything is super fancy and come in beautiful colors!!!

Your favorite SC stamp.
Ferris Wheel Stamp set (stamp included in the Wedding Ring add-on kit this month)

Your favorite SC kit.
I adore the Home Front Collection, but my favorite SC kit is "The yearbook"

If you had to move to a desert island, what would you bring?
Something to kill the insects, a knife, a lighter, shampoo, toothbrush, my computer, internet... and Josh Holloway!

Your favorite book.

The little Prince

Your favorite song/album.

Multishow Live, Vanessa da Mata

Thnk you Larissa for being such an inspiration! Visit Larissa's blog and Larissa SC gallery :)



Melissa Salomon said...

I love that you feature women outside of this country. It gives us a new perspective and inspiration....I am anxious to look up the artist she mentioned!

nancy said...

Congrats, Lari! Gorgeous layouts and you look so lovely in your photos. :)

Ann Cicilie said...

My gosh, you are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, colourful, wonderful layouts. Wow:).

nailgirl said...

wow, i love your layouts! so colorful and beautiful! off to check out your blog now!

Lari Scrap said...

Thank you, Céline, for your kind works. Considering that you are my scrap idol, that made my day!!!
Thank you girls!!!!

Tchu1 said...

I dare to say that Lari is one of the most importat Scrappers from Brazil but also, a very international scraper expression.

Congrats to Lari and also Studio Calico.

*Maisa* said...

Ahhhhh Laaari! Que máximo! Adorei! Parabéns

Jenna Ruth said...

Gorgeous scrap work! So inspiring.

ME said...

Lari fico muito feliz com todo este reconhecimento.Vc é uma artista perfeita! Parabéns.

summer said...

Love how colorful your pages are Larissa- and you! Your pages seem to be a direct reflection of your spirit- and I am so glad you love The Little Prince, it has been a very important book in our family :)

Renata Moni said...

WOW!!! WTG Girl! You rock! Your work is fabulous!

divineyuko said...

hi there!
I adore your creations and so happy to see you here!!

Mabel said...

Larissa is an absolutely talented lady, fabulous pages, plenty of creativity and color!! thanks for sharing us! =)

Scrapamum said...

Beautiful layouts! I love, love, love!

thati penna said...

Larissa is a wonderful scrapper!
I think she must be a SC DT member

Ann-Katrin said...

Congrats Larissa! Like your style, as you know. Way to go girl!

Keely Livings said...

I am such a fan! Your layouts are breathtaking. Love every yummy detail :)

Elisa said...

Aha! Uma brasileira no SC!!! Parabens!!!!

vanzare apartamente said...

Contrast creative and attractive taste.I like it!