September 28, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

Hi everyone, it's Kelly Purkey here! When Kelly Noel + I were brainstorming up themes for our blog week, I knew we'd be perfect for a fashion inspiration week since we're both girls that love to shop. I wanted to share some fashion inspiration today from a couple of my favorite sources.

I love the GAP website because their lines often have bright colors and fun combinations. I found this cute little boy's sweater... I never would have thought to put grey in with orange + brown but it looks fabulous.I also really liked the homepage for GAP. I could see a cool design for a page using this as inspiration. Maybe frames made from the polaroid stamp in the On the Easel kit!

I also found this cute top on the Banana Republic site (don't you love how easily they're all linked at the top of the GAP/ON/Banana websites?!!) and thought it would be a fun idea for layered punched circles.One of my favorite places to shop is J.Crew and they always inspire me with the color combinations they come up with. I loved this green, tan, dark grey, and light blue combo... it would be perfect for some winter photos.
I found this page in a recent J.Crew catalog and the colors that they listed for the coat caught my eye.
I whipped up a quick page using a dark green, dark blue, taupe, dark orange, and plum inspired by the colors listed...
Hope this gives you some ideas for finding and using fashion inspiration. Can't wait to see what you all come up with for the challenge!