September 14, 2010

Outside Inspiration

Today's outside inspiration comes from a few of my favorite artists.

Keri Smith
I get a lot of my journaling and title ideas from this amazing illustrator. Her quirky handwriting and doodles in simple black and white are amazing and inspire me to no end.

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Gustavo Aimar
I found this amazing artist through Flickr a few years ago and followed his work since. His collage style illustrations have been a jumping off point to a few of my layouts. I also love the color combinations he uses.

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Emily Pitts said...

keri smith is one of my favorites too and i'm in love w/ the collage stuff, it's so yummy!

ashjoy said...

My favorite Holloween costume was when we made my daughter a pop corn box. We painted a big box with red and white stripes, painted "popcorn" on the front in blue and hot glued pop corn to her hat. She won several prizes that year for best costume. It was so fun walking house to house that year. One of my favorite memories.

ale said...

these two amazing artists are on my list of favorites too!

alexandra s.m. said...

Thanks for sharing I so appreciate both of these talented artists!