September 3, 2010

Ideas for scrapbook kit storage

Good Friday morning to you!  Davinie here.  As a long weekend approaches in the US and perhaps some time to clean and sort in the craft room emerges, I thought I'd share my process for my Studio Calio kit storage.  I've been around SC since 2007, so I have tried many different things, and this is what works best for me.

Each month after my kit arrives, I fondle the contents, sniff the exclusive SC products, hot off the presses, and then I put everything in an Iris container:

I'm a girl who definitely likes to combine my main kit with the add-ons, if I purchased any (and who am I kidding, I always get add-ons!)

I usually put the cardstock in first, then the patterned papers, and then the alphas and embellishments, as I usually choose my cardstock first, and then play around with the "decor" for my layout.

This Iris container has a snap lid, so I can haul it around the house if I want to, or take it with me to a crop or on vacation, if I need to.

Once I am finished with my kit for the month and the next one has arrived, I take the remining contents, and put them in a drawer from a stacking 3-drawer system:

I *try* to remember to use my labels punch to note the kit name, so that when I go back to use the kit at a later time, or create a layout for submission, I can remember what kit it came from.

I am a bit of a kit hoarder, and keep a year of kits in my stash.  Is that bad?

I don't have a lot of guilt with this because Studio Calico is the only place I shop really.  I use older kits a lot.  There have been times when there were only wee bits left of a kit and I didn't need to save it, but in general, in order to clean out my stash, since it is 12 months full, when I went to put away Back 40, I took the oldest kit, or the one with the least amount of product in it, and sorted it appropriately, papers here, buttons here, etc., in my stash and then filled it with my new loot.

You'll notice Back 40 was put away.  That's because I'm waiting in anticipation for my next kit!  That said, I can't wait to play with it some more.  I just, uh, have family coming this weekend, and really need to clean up my space.  heeee.

I have heard many people mention Crop Bags as their method for kit storage.  There was a time when I also used Cropper Hopper's for my kit storage, but I have an Expedit system now, and the Cropper Hopper with any tall items in it doesn't really fit in there, so I needed a change.  I like the horizontal storage over the vertical anyway.

How do YOU store your kits?  That's what I'd like to know.

Have a great Friday!  Davinie


Paula-Scrap Addict said...

This is a great topic! I store my kits in the Cropper Hopper Scrap folders. For the large section in the middle I put in cardstock and any papers, the divide up the embellys in to the two smaller pockets, thickers and larger embellys I'll slide down infront of the cardstock. The I put the Scrap folder into the larger Cropper Hopper (can't remember the names right now) that aroud about 3" wide and label the outside by what company's kit. Individual folders are labeled by what month the kit was from.

Anonymous said...

love seeing ideas like these! ... I usually keep my current one in an Iris container too (except that my 4-yr old daughter took it for her My Little Ponies). The older kits go in ziplock/crop bags. Some of those are filed in my Expedit and the rest are in a big tin bucket (i think it is suppose to be an ice bucket). I truely need to go through and organize/purge. I have been here since Dec 2008 and have never separated a kit yet! I just can't bring myself to do so... eeks! I love pulling out older kits and using them.

Michelle said...

I like this topic! My kits stay in their original ziploc bag they come in. I store them in my smaller Expedit in one of the plastic bins that IKEA sells that fit in there. I also have a basket sitting on the floor that they go in as well. When they get down to small scraps, I incorporate them in my stash.

Meghann said...

I use 12x12 clear, labeled plastic envelopes to store my kits. I bought the Cropper Hopper vertical files for the rest of my patterned paper, and just trimmed a bit off the top to get them to fit in my Expedit shelving unit.

Felicia said...

Great subject! I usually keep all my kits for a year also.
I keep them stored in a very large (kit size) plastic zip lock bag, labeled and sorted by month because I have more than one kit program. Then after the year goes by, I then sort in my regular stash and that's if there is any of the kit left. :)

Rhonda said...

I break into my kits immedietly. I try each stamp with different ink pads and then file it for use on projects. Papers and embellies get matched up with pics for a power LO system using the flip top 12x12 totes. It's then ready to go to a crop or handy when the time allows. The rest get seaparated by color into a Sterlite 3-drawer storage unit. I slowly collected these to have enough for 15 drawers. I like having the paper lay flat to reduce the dogears that somtimes occur in upright storage.

rmeyfe said...

This came at the perfect time! We are unpacking and I have about 2 years worth of kits (you're not alone, I am a hoarder too) and I have been trying to figure out how to store them since I left all my large scrapbooking furniture in storage. Great to see how you do it!

Laci J said...

1st ~ Take stamp out and hang it with the others so I can see them all. Then I put them all in the crop bags and keep up to 14 in a big wicker bin from Target, the 14th always gets rotated into my stash when a new one comes.

Nicole Bee said...

I use the SC crop bags and make a label for each month. I keep a separate drawer full of my SC stamps b/c I use them on other lo's/projects. I also keep a spreadsheet of the content in the main kit and add-on's that I ordered so that if I ever have issues trying to figure out what went with what kit, I have that to reference.

Lain said...
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Lain said...

Great stuff! I just did a post on those Iris bins on my blog --

They are so awesome!