September 26, 2010

Tutorial: Misted Flower Headband

Hello SC friends! Kelly N here to show you a quick little headband I made this weekend. It's super fast and easy and now I'm so hooked on making them, I might have to go buy some more headbands.

I used some of this new white flowery American Crafts ribbon (Maya Road makes a similar ribbon that would also work well). To start, I cut 3 flowers from the ribbon, trimming away the excess.
This is what the flowers will look like once you've cut them from the ribbon...
Next, I used mist to color the flowers. Super quick and the mist dries so fast, which I love, because I'm an instant gratification kind of girl! I used turquoise, purple and the Dark Calico Mister Huey for mine, but with so many different color mists in the shop, you could come up with all sorts of fun color combos.
Here's what they look like all misted....
Now, take a piece of cardstock punched into a circle (felt would work better for this, but I didn't have should use felt!). Put some glue onto your circle...
Stick all the flowers down onto the circle, add a fun button/brad in the center to finish it off and then simply glue it onto a plain headband and voila, you've got yourself a snazzy headband!

I hope you enjoyed this quick sure to show us if you make one of your own. Enjoy the reveal tomorrow night and have a great week everyone! :)


Kimberly said...

Kelly that is totally ADORABLE! I Love this creative! Now I wish my little girl would wear this kind of thing so much! Maybe I will do this for my brother's little girl! :)
Thanks for sharing. xx

g said...

Kelly, I'm crushin' on this. CUTE!!!


Kate aka stinkydudette said...

That is soooo cute!! TFS!

Debbie said...

super cute idea !~ will we be seeing lil Brady modeling it anytime soon? =)

Alex Hardy said...

These are so going on my Christmas Craft list! Thanks Kelly!

Curlywiggles said...

Awesome amazing tutorial Kelly, i wanna make one!

hair accessories said...

That is absolutely adorable! The flower looks super easy to make and so fun! I can't wait to try. Thanks so much for the idea and for the inspiration!

scrapgirl said...

This is a great idea! I never thought of cutting that ribbon down to get pretty single flowers!!!

Also, I love the idea of misting them to personalize the color!

scrapgirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pinkish Blue said...

in love with ur toturial !!
so fansy!!

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