June 14, 2010

Be BOLD Challenge

This week my friend Tink (or Tina A) and I are taking over this blog! WOOT!

We are going to be loosely following the theme of BE BOLD! That means different things to different people. It could be tackling a new topic that you hadn't been brave enough to tackle before, or using RED, or learning a new technique! Whatever it is, I hope you will BE BOLD with us this week!

Our challenge to you is this: Make a layout with a BOLD title. Make it striking, and link back to THIS Studio Calico message board post!

Here are a few examples:

too far

You can GO BIG!

the name

You can GO RED!

You can just GO AWESOME!

Do whatever you want, but BE BOLD!


Kathy Martin said...

Love it! Great bold pages! That first one would be an excellent lift candidate for a move across country!

Amanda L. said...

Hoping to work on this today!

CStrickler said...

I chose to go bold with title and color.

Unknown said...

I took you up on your challenge this morning. Thanks for the inspiration!


Amanda L. said...

I had so much fun with this challenge!!!!!


Joaniebolognie said...

I love this idea!
I made a LO using Bold paper...I scraplifted Celine Navarro's awesome LO also!
I have a tough time with the bold patterned papers so this was a stretch for me!

Rowie said...

a very cool and bold challenge heehee!!


thanks xx