June 19, 2010

Go forth and Be Bold

I hope that you guys were inspired by boldness this week.

Remember that the weekly challenge is due by tonight. Please post your link to the thread HERE:

Here are our examples of the bold challenge:

From My Pictures
I made a shadow box gift for my husband for Father's Day! I was inspired by Tina's bold esty picks! My husband is an avid photographer and uses a polaroid just like that one to take photos.

Here's Tina's BOLD example..she was also inspired by one of her Etsy picks as well. She used watercolors and a few stencils to create the bold background.

Here's a few links to some fun BOLD things:

BOLD Quotes

BOLD Photos

BOLD Art Prints

BOLD socks :D

BOLD Jewelry

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Tina said...

Jon is going to love it.