June 15, 2010

Outside Inspo: Bold Prints

Hey...Tink here.
One thing I'm super excited about is getting our nursery ready.
I knew from the get go that I would purchase several inspirational, quirky bold quotes from different artists on Etsy.
And since bold is our theme of the week, I thought I would show you a few of my faves.

(*)loving these bold metal letters.


(oh...I can't remember the source for this cutie but if you do, let me know)

words to live by.

(*) this one just makes me smile.


this one's great, especailly if you're like me and you read before turning in for the night.


Joy Madison said...

I have favorited several of these on etsy myself :D

Erica M. in Ohio said...

I ove the bird with the french fry one, how can you not smile???

Sabrina Mix said...

Hi, Tina!

I think the "don't hold back" is a Nan Lawson's creation.


Beijos e sucesso!!!

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christen [good day sunshine] said...

heyyy! thanks so much for including my print! :) LOVE your blog!